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Friday, 30 March 2012

Shoot-y Goodness

Done a couple of very pretty natural shoots lately, thought I’d share!








Model: Lara Rianne Wills
Photographer Amir Dotan
Stylist: Holly Mitchell.


Isn’t she pretty? She’s like a cross between Evanna Lynch and Dakota Fanning. So gorgeous and only 18. I’m so old D: Her eyes are Fyrinnae “Rapunzel had Extensions” throughout with Inglot added on top. Lips are mostly Inglot (Sleeks Cream and AMC Blush).


2012 03 10 Emma Scarf 69

2012 03 10 Emma Scarf 46

2012 03 10 Emma Scarf 122

2012 03 10 Emma Scarf 207

2012 03 10 Emma Scarf 205

2012 03 10 Emma Scarf 347

Models: The first two girls are Emma’s friends and don’t have online profiles yet. The last lady is the lovely Emma herself!


This was a shoot for Emma’s website shop – she’s a print maker and her stuff is beautiful. Beyond, I love it! Again, eyes were Inglot with the exception of our second model, which was Maybelline. Cheeks were MAC throughout, lips were all mixtures of various things.

Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Model: Rachel P.
Brian Harris 

I’ve been working with Brian quite a lot lately and he takes some amazing portraits and is always fun to work with. This was one of Rachels first shoots and I think she had fun too! She asked for purple as soon as she sat down so I warmed to her just a bit! ;)

All from me today – got  a shoot-free weekend for the first time in a while so I’m going to the zoo! I bought a bunch of Real Techniques earlier this week and have managed to play with almost of of them so I’ll have a review up soon as I can!


  1. All of these ladies look wonderful!

  2. Beautiful beautiful work. Would you care to share some tips when doing photoshoots? I did my first photoshoot about a week ago and it didn't go as well as I had hoped.

  3. Are you going back home to the zoo with the rest of the monkeys?
    You is wicked, sick and ill! And I also think the first model has a bit of Kate Winslet about her.

  4. I LOOOOVE the last picture of Lara!!

  5. Your so lucky and talented :P

  6. Well done Robyn! Yeah, that top girl really is a looker, photos number 5 and 6 esp. Woah. Great work :) Hope you have fun at the zoo x

  7. Lovely shoots, the first set is so beautiful, lovely makeup :)

  8. I thought the first girl was actually Dakota Fanning for a minute. Great work xxx

  9. Love everything! The first blonde is too cute.

  10. I love seeing all of the lovely women in the photo shoots you work on. There are so many different types of beauty represented. Your work looks just amazing, as usual!

  11. i really love your work robyn that's for sure! and even though they were very natural the looks were great! i so loved the tone of the black girl's lips, they looked fantastic!!!//Azure


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