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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pink and Black Sparkle Tutorial

A little while ago, the lovely DemonicSmurfette asked me to do a tutorial of this look on the equally lovely Krystal Johns.

So here’s the look...

The look is a lot different on me than on her! You can't see the glitter, and the pink is more subtle. Krystals lip colour is a lot brighter here, but that’s down to lighting and I also used a gloss over the top of the main colour for the shoot. I also used a different (but very similar) pink on the eye – I used the Sleek Acid palette on Krystal but wanted to use a new colour here - and changed the shape to suit my tastes a little bit more. Anyways, in the words of Mario, letsa go!

1. I’ve already put my primer on, and a cream eyeshadow all over the lid. Going with a round shape, take your purpley-ink and start to build the colour up with a fluffy blending brush (MUA Professional Eye Primer, Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk, Darling Girl Only a Wig, MAC 224.)

2. Keep building the product up, and bring it down toward your inner corner. I’ve taken mine further up toward the brow as well.

3. Taking a matte white, apply this under your browbone and soften the edge of your pink colour. (Matte white from Sleek Circus palette, Tigi Beadhead The Love Brush.)


4. Now go in with your black and really press that all over the lid, taking care to press it into your lashes so there’s no bare skin gaps at the lashline. (Matte black from Sleek Circus palette, QVS eyeshadow brush.)

5. Taking your blending brush again, use the product that’s left on it and soften the edge of the black – the purple over the black should give it a nice bluey sheen. (MAC 224.)

6. Now go in and line your lower lashline with the purple colour again, taking it right into the inner corner and linking it up at the outer edge as well. (Darling Girl Obviously a Wig, MAC 219.)

7. Apply some gel liner on your waterline - you can go in the upper waterline as well if you wish - I just do a really hard blink and then re-apply on the lower lashline. (Maybelline gel liner, ELF Studio Angled Liner brush.)

8. Now smudge the liner on the lower lashline, making sure there’s no gaps. You may get a sheen from the purple colour shining through – I quite like that but you can take some black shadow over it if you don't. (Maybelline gel liner, ELF Studio Angled Liner brush.)
9. Now for the fun part! Carefully press some Pixie Epoxy or other glitter glue over the black shadow. Leave it for a few seconds to become tacky and then press some black glitter on top. (Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, MAC Reflects Black, QVS eyeshadow brush)
10 – Add mascara and sort your eyebrows out and you’re done! (Maybelline One By ONe mascara, brown from Sleek Storm palette.)

11- I used a hot pink colour to stay true to the original, but I later swapped it out with MAC Rebel (Sleek Pout Paint in Port, disposable lip applicator.) Apply MAC Coygirl or any light, cool pink on the cheeks and you’re done!
What a gormless face! Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you try it out!


  1. You did a great job! I love the final look!

  2. Turned out great Robyn! Love these color on you!

  3. Sweet, love the black glitter!

  4. This is really pretty, it looks gorgeous on you! I love Reflects Black, that's such a neat way to wear glitter!

  5. Oh my christ. I need more Reflects glitters! Hot stuff x

  6. I love it! Apparently I need black glitter now.

  7. Great tutorial! I'm bookmarking this one, I'd love to try it out!!!

  8. Obviously a Wig is YOUR COLOUR. The end.

  9. Stunning , looks awesome on you ! And great tutorial ;)


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