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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Album Cover Art Project: Incubus

'Make Yourself' by Incubus was one of those albums that I listened to literally about ten billion times. I still love it, and Brandon Boyd was one of the first singers that got me a bit hot and bothered. (I'd click that link if I were you.)I chose this album because of that gorgeous green/rusty colour combo.

Anyway, I was in a rush, so here are those colours... on my eye :|

I in no way had time to encapsulate the floaty organicness and the grapic elements of the cover album, but hey, I really like how this came out! If you ignore my scraggly eyebrows, that is.

I have NO idea what to do tomorrow :(

Love and pondering kisses,

Robyn x


  1. I love the fact that the shadow is really bold, with little blending at the edges. Love even more that you can really pull it off!
    I'm really enjoying the album cover series... I might do my own soon :D

  2. Oh yay! Do it!!! I want to re-do all of these as non LOTD!

  3. I could never pull off these colours! They look fab on you though.

  4. OMG just seeing that cover brings back SOOOO many memories. I to use to listen to it over and over and over. It remindes me of my teenage boyfriend too anyways I digress lol I have to know how you get your pigments to look so shiney and foiled? I use UDPP and I feel like it makes it hard too have this look. I have heard of the pixie epoxy but I dont have any. Anyways this is beautiful.


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