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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Album Cover Art Day 7: Iron Maiden

Now, I didn't pick a specfic Iron Maiden album cover because they are all basically the same:

Something like that. Often dark blues, always Eddie (the mummy guy) and thier bold logo, which I took inspiration from for this look. Why do I like Iron Maiden? Because if you like metal music of any description and you're British, you HAVE TO. Its like, the law.

Again, this was in a total rush. This project was a total FAIL. I was just going to do the red, white and black triple liner, but then I realised I wanted some blue, and adding a lid colour after you've put all that liner on.... yeesh. Anyway, I got lots of compliments on this look today, and I realised when I uploaded these pics it actually looks pretty cool with my eyes open. The lady on the till at Boots asked me if I was 'an artist or something,' which made me smile.

I bought Revlon Colourstay today, and I have some e.l.f brushes waiting for me at the post office (omgyay) so after a week or so we'll see how my skin is looking. Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid has been breaking me out... I hope to the Lawd Colourstay is better for me.

Also I really, really want this:

Its from Isn't it really tacky? They have other cool stuff like Polaroid cameras and Space Invaders, and moustaches!

Love and gahIleftthehouse15hoursagobedtime kisses,

Robyn xxx

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  1. My brother is a massive Iron Maiden fan. I have never been into metal, but since his bedroom is next door to mine I know all the songs by default!


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