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Friday, 21 May 2010

Big hair, little bows, massive hangover

Ugh. There are Doritos on my carpet and I have to bake a 'Sorry I got so twatted' cake. Totally my own fault but I am suffering.

Anyway... my nails:

As always, I haven't cleaned my nails up before I took the photo!

And my makeup from last night:

I did this super quick so it wasn't amazing. I was feeling OTT, hence the hair and the lashes. £2 from Primark! Amazing! My earrings are Topshop.

Off to curl up and die now. No love or kisses from me today - I don't want to subject anyone to my rankness right now.


  1. Looks so beautiful! At least you had a good time, right? haha

  2. Between you, RaeRae and LillianLow, you're making me sad that I don't live in the UK. I want £2 false lashes... and Topshop... oh god, and just Primark in general. Brilliant store.

    (Even though the thought of having children with little british accents was already tempting...)

  3. If you ever want anything from the UK honey I will send it to you x

  4. I love how you did your hair!

  5. I so agree with Cydonian...I want to be an english rose (with all the stings ;-))))

    Caro xxx


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