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Friday, 7 May 2010

Green and Yellow LOTD and e.l.f brushes- First Thoughts

Soooo, heres my yellow and green look:

It didn't go as well as I liked because I HAD to clean all my brushes, so they were a little damp and I was using pressed shadows, so... yeah, didn't blend so well. I used Sleek Bohemian palette and a green from the 120. But I still got SO many compliments on it, and my guy friend who is not the most cosmetic-savvy guy said 'That eyeshadow is AWESOME! It is eyeshadow, right?' Ha ha.

I bought some lashes yesterday, and these were some of them. Aren't they so cool? (I just placed them on my eyes, I didn't stick them on, and obviously, not so great with the green.) They were only two or three quid from a beauty supply shop.

Anyway, I finally went and got my e.l.f brushes from the post office today! Shipping from e.l.f was superfast, I got an email to say it was dispatched and the postman brought it the next day, I just wasn't in. I got three brushes, two studio and one regular, and an All Over Cover Stick in Golden Peach. My order came to £10 exactly, yet I also got a free set of Super Glossy Lip Shine glosses, which are all SPF15 which is aaaawesome, I rarely buy gloss or balms if they don't have SPF. I wasn't expecting that for that little amount of cash, and no coupon, so that was SUPER nice. I couldn't get a decent picture of the Cover Stick but it is indeed a golden peach colour, and the glosses are a peach, pink, and brown. They're not amazing, but they're pretty and the pigmentation is ok.

So all my stuff came in a box with my invoice in it. The Studio Line brushes are £3.50 each in the UK and I think $3 in the States. They're all black, which is pretty, andcome with a brush cover for each one, which is nice. They don't feel cheap or flimsy at all. I got the blush brush and the powder brush.

The powder is the large, flat one and the blush is the other one. I haven't used these on my face yet, but I have had a little play swatching things. They're both reaaally nice and soft! They do have a slight chemically scent to them but its nothing very strong. Some reviewers said they could smell them as soon as they opened their package, but I only noticed it when I brought them up to my nose. I need to wash them to see it it goes but it doesnt bother me whatsoever.

The powder brush is SO dense. Its really like a long handled, flat kabuki. I bought it to try it as a MAC 187-style stippling brush, and I think it'd give me some goooood coverage. I'll do a review next week.

The blush brush is kind of smaller than I expected, and its kind of flat. Not what I was expecting, but I think its going to be awesome for contouring. And it picks up a LOT of colour, which is cool, and when I tried it on my hand it deposited it really nicely and evenly.

The black brush is my Revlon 'countour shadow brush,', and the white is the e.l.f 'blending eye brush'. I adore this Revlon brush. Its soft and dense and lovely. I think it was about £7 and it was well worth that price. The e.l.f brush was £1.50. I read some reviews on this saying it was terrible, but I wanted a brush just to blend out, rather than apply colour, so I got it anyway because it was so cheap. Its not a dense as and is slightly smaller than the Revlon, but its still pretty dense and a lot softer than I expected. I'll use it in place of the Revlon today, but I think I'll like it.

I can't WAIT to use these! Follow-up review shortly.


  1. o0o0 you have very pretty eyes!! and your blending is awesome! also those lashes are really fabulous I love the different colors ^_^ awesome! Wow I'm glad your got your elf brushes really quick. I haven't tried elf brushes yet, so I'll be waiting for your review! have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Jhoy, you always make me smile! I'll be doing a look with the lashes this weekend, if I have time! xx

  3. Those lashes are pretty freaking cool! Your eyes are amazing. :)

  4. ^-^ Thanks Makeup Zombie, I can't wait to use them, I have some teeny purple lashes I want to use with them.


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