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Monday, 24 May 2010


So I went to MAC today... first time evaaar! I had my little list with me and after being served by a lovely helpful (I mean hot) guy I came out with:

Yay! I got vouchers for my brithday and I'm so happy, no way could I have afforded that on my own! I know its not a massive or exciting haul but I am very happy.

The brushes are:

-210. Thin eyeliner brush. Got this because I'm fed up of applicators that come on liquid liner. You can never get a thin line or do detail work.
-219. Pencil brush. Everyone in the world told me to get this, so I did. I've literally been gagging to get my grubby little paws on one of these!
-217. Blending brush. Not the shape I was expecting! Its kind of flat, where I was expecting something rounder. Excited to use it now!
-227. Large fluff brush. Leesha of xsparkage calls this the 'magic brush.' The MUA at MAC said it would be great for higlighting, though I bought it with the eye area in mind. I love this brush already, its so cute!
-187. Er....face brush! Again, this is a lemming thing. I cannot wait to try it for blush, it feels so nice on my face. Mmm :)
-224. Tapered blending brush. I don't remember asking for this one but I guess I must have! This is what I was expecting the 217 to look like.

I got Gesso eyeshadow but its pretty boring so no swatches. Its matte, its white, pigmentation is decent. Onto the good stuff... of course, I got Viva Glam Cyndi:

Sigh, I LOVE this! Love it love it love it. Was worried neither lipstick suited me but I bought them anyway. I felt guilty spending £160 on makeup so buying the Viva Glam lipsticks made me feel a bit better about myself! (I presume you all know, but all the profits from MAC Viva Glam products go to people suffering with AIDS and HIV.) I wouldn't have normally paired it with the e/s I have on in this picture, its just a lil swatchyswatch. Anyone got any ideas what I could wear with it?

And I bought Gaga too!

...Does this suit me? I don't know! Please tell me what you think. Also, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME HOW GOOD THESE THINGS SMELL?! Gorgeous vanilla scent! And they feel soooo creamy!

I'll get back to you on how these brushes work out for me soon. I'll have a lot of brush reviews and comparisons coming up soon because I am waiting for the postman to bring me:

-Kent Angled Contour Brush
-Kent Definition Socket Line Brush (looks like a fat 219!)
-Kent Angled Eye Countour Brush
-Kent Angled Eyebrow Brush
-Bare Escentuals i.d Precision Liner Brush
-Tigi Beadhead The Love brush

As well as Lancome Hypnose Mascara, Lily Lolo blush and bronzer and Bare Escentuals Quick Change Brush Cleanser. Oh! Also the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, Makeup your Mind (I think this is the NARS book), a Marie Claire book and another makeup book which I can't remember. I love having a birthday!

And my outfit today:

This is very girly for me but OMFGITSTOOHOT. So here it is. Don't know where the dress is from, my Dad bought it for me while we were out one time. The top half of the back of the dress is a big bow, so it has a little cutout area above where your bra goes. The belt which I freakin' adore is from a vintage store in Vancouver which I really miss - it was so awesome.

And lastly the look I rocked for my birthday:

I wish I could have had proper victory rolls, but I can NEVER do them when I am actually going out, only when I'm muching about. I wore a huge 1950s-style a-line dress which is bright pink with l'il poodles on it! We went to All Star Lanes which is an amazing retro bowling alley with a diner and a cocktail bar. Everything was amazing. I love bowling but I hate chavs (chavs are... well, rowdy, rough delinquent, people who look like this) they and this place was very chav-free. And I had the best damn chilli I've ever put in my mouth. There's a few sites across London so check them out!

Sorry for the long post today!

Love and Kisses,

Robyn xxx


  1. I looooove Viva Glam Cyndi on you!

  2. yay for mac!!
    love love love that white belt!!!

  3. Thanks Jewlie! I'm so glad I have it, going to have to go and buy a back-up, I think!

    Mandy, I saw the belt and I HAD to have it! And it still smells so leathery... mmm :)

  4. 1. i'm sooooooo jealous of your m.a.c. haul, but you're gonna fall in love with that damn pencil brush!!
    2. cyndi is hot, but i love gaga on you!!
    3. i want your outfit :D so freakin' cute!
    4. check out lisafreemontstreet on youtube, she does vintage hair, and it's amazing!!

  5. I love that channel! I've been practicing my vintage hair, I think that I need to get some layers cut in and it'll be easier!

  6. Awesome haul!! Your dress and belt are just so perfect. I want to hear more about the 219 also. And as for the lipsticks, you rock both of these amazing but I LOVE YOU IN GAGA! It reminds me so much of the amazing Chloe Sevigny. Seriously im beyond jealous.

  7. Cyndi is awesome with your hair colour and skintone :O

    I actually wore Ruby Woo for the first time today and only just noticed how delicious it smelled - how did I not notice it before?! I think it reminds me of jersey caramels or something.

  8. Seriously, I want to eat them! And Sabrina you could soooo wear gaga!

  9. I like Gaga on you, I think it suits nicely! I like trying different glosses over top to see how it changes colors.
    And is it sad that I'm vicariously excited about your haul? As if it's my own... lol.

  10. I get excited about peoples hauls too! They make me spend money though!


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