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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Two LOTD: One dark, one bright!

First of all, hellooooo, new followers! How are you all?

So yesterday I wanted to use my favourite eyeshadow, Barry M's Dazzle Dust in no 98 Petrol Black:

I used that all over the lid and blended it out with a blue from the Sleek Original, and used a different blue from the same palette for the inner corner. God, I love that Barry M shadow! My friend at work loved this look and asked me to do it for her on the next night out :)

Another friend at work asked me to do a bright look, and said that she'd do a bright look to compare, so I could help her get her colours bright (she didn't need it - I wish I got a pic of her eyes, they were glittertastic and she has the most amazing eyelashes!) and this is what I came up with.

Sorry for my awful expression! I used the yellow from sleek original, an orange and neon pink from Barry M, a Gosh Effects powder in the inner corner and blended it with a couple of 120 colours. I couldn't get my liner to look nice today - I need to find a new black liquid liner. I think Barry M is due another visit. I also - omg - actually wore COLOUR on my cheeks today. You can't see it so well but I used Sleek Flamingo. Its a loooovely bright pink. I saw it on Lillian's blog () and had to have it.

In other news, I just ordered theeeeees off eBay:

66 colours for £5.99 and free shipping? Aaaaaall over that. Check out the swatches on YouTube, it seems pretty pigmented! Its not a lot of colour in each one and I dont know if you can take the little pans out to use throughout the day, but I don't care. There's blue, gold and silver, and that'll keep my creative side happy.

My boss got her makeup done for a film premiere by a department store MUA today and I had to fix it for her. It was - excuse me - fucking awful. A brown and a taupe colour, one on the outer half, one on the inner half of her eyes, no liner or mascara, and just foundation. I was not impressed and neither was she. She didn't pay for it though, thank god, and I managed to fix it as best as I could with the one brush and one vaguely matching shadow we had and give her some sexy liner. She looked pretty foxy.

Love and kisses,

Robyn x


  1. I am so going to recreate the Petrol Black look! I love it :D

    I bet you made your boss look schmexy :)

  2. Wow, that Petrol Black really brings out the color in your eyes. Beautiful!

  3. Oh my godddd, love love love both of them, especially the second. You remind me of La Roux in it!

  4. @RaeRae: I wish you could have seen what they did! It was shocking. She was sooo not impressed.

    @Sarah: Thankyou! Its really an awesome shade, everyone should have it, it makes wicked liner.

    @Cydonian: I LOVE La Roux's makeup! She's so unique.

  5. I love that petrol black. I wish I could get some barry m here. The 66 lip palette is awesome and very pigmented. I love it.

  6. petrol black is really nice! i like the shade of it too. i head a lot about the 66 lips palette but haven't had the time to buy it :p


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