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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Robyn's Rockin Retro #2: Dresses!

Yeah, I have some more make-up and some hair posts coming, and hopefully some retro nails too if I can find the time. But while they're in the making, I thought I'd show off some of my retro/vintage dresses! Yay! Sorry for the quality of these pics, obviously you can't use a flash in your mirror and it is dark as hell today!

-Sailor Jerry style tattoo dress.

My mummy bought me this a couple of years ago down Portobello as an earyl birthday present. I think it was only about £15, which is a bargain as I've seen identical dresses in Camden for about fifty. Anyway, big love for this dress, I've worn it both clubbing and just around and about.

-Vintage Sailor Collar Dress

I think this is my favourite dress ever! I bought it in a vintage shop in Vancouver for about $50, I think. A little expensive for something old but it was my birthday! I'm not sure what period its from, probably 70's, but the sailor collar and the colour scheme means it goes great with a pair of anchor earrings and my Irregular Choice sailor shoes. Ahhh, I just love it :D

-Embroidered Sailor Collar Wiggle Dress

Again, this dress is a present from my mummy. I love sailor style collars and this one is huge, going into two points at the back with another identical embroidered part. I haven't worn it yet because it has a maaaaaaaassive slit up the back and its a bit...well, a lot cheeky. I need to get a slip for it and then I can wear it on my next night out.

-Collectif Poodle Dress

Dang, I love this dress, even though it's super heavy and clashes with my hair. The skirt is enormous! I wore it to a retro bowling alley. for my birthday this year. I also like that it had poodles all over it as opposed to just one big poodle.

-Leopard Wiggle Dress

Everyone needs a dress like this in their wardrobe! Oddly enough grey is one of my favourite colours when it comes to clothing, and as this has teeny little leopard spots on it I love it even more! My sister got me this dress when I went away for a year so I'd have something nice to wear if I needed to, so I rocked it out in Vegas. I need to wear a waist belt with this, though, as I am blessed with a tiny waist (in comparison to my arse, anyway) and so wiggle dresses often don't fit me well there.

-Velvet and Lace vintage dress

I've had this dress for years and years, since I was about 12 and it hung off me! I used to be a bean pole. My dad bought it for me for a Rocky Horror Party from a charity shop (Yes, my parents took me to Rocky Horror Parties - there were a lot of kids about, and who's supposed to look after them at a massive party? And why wouldn't you want to scar your kids for life by subjecting them to bikers in gold lame?) and I've grown into it. A bit slutty but looks great with tights and Docs. Not really pin-up, but it's old so whatever :D

-Spotty Puff Sleeved Vintage Dress

And this is probably my second favourite dress, which I also got in Vancouver for about $50. Again, no idea what period its from, but I love the brown and black colour scheme -it has tiny little brown polka dots all over it - and the cut. Some seamed stocking and I'm done!

I have other bits and pieces, like pencil skirts and a vintage ballgown, but I'm a very busy woman (:S!) so that's all from me for today. Make-up and hair soon, I promise!


  1. Those are great!! I was going to say which was my favorite, but I can't pick just one. You have an amazing figure that looks smokin' in those silhouettes.

  2. Those dresses are amazing..u r sooo rockin them girl!!!

  3. Ooh they're all great but i LOVE the sailor wiggle dress. I have a different version of the poodle dress, mine is a wiggle style and in green :)
    Oh and i never went to a rocky horror party but i was obsessed with the film at about age 10 and my Mum would take me to see it at the theatre :)

  4. Oh wowza, Don't EVER make your address known..i WILL rob you! lol your figure looks fucking amazing in the wiggle dress, My faves are the tattoo dress, the sailor dress, poodle dress and off course the wiggle, love your collection :D xx

    is that mariah's perfume I see in the corner??

  5. Oh! Those are amazing! I have some vintage/retro sewing patterns I've been sitting on - some even with fabric and notions all ready to go - and I have GOT to get my sewing machine out and whip them up, clearly. I think the sailor dresses are my favorites of your bunch, but they're all lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oooof, woman, that Leopard Wiggle Dress.... I think I have a gal crush :p

  7. The wiggle dress is amazinggggg!! And so is the Sailor wiggle one. <3 gorgeous.

  8. i loveeeeeeeeeee the leopard wiggle dress on you! you look amazing in all of course, but that one (and the first one) are my favourite :) i have a feeling im going to unconciously look for that type of dress when i go shopping haha thanks for sharing!

  9. You look fabulous in those retro dresses! I wish I had your figure.

  10. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the sailor jerry dress and the anchor dress! They are so cute. That leopard dress looks amazing on you, I am so jealous of your hot bod ;]

  11. Love all of them! Especially the Leopard Wiggle one... been wanting one like that for ages.

  12. Your dresses are beautiful! I'm in love with the sailor dress. Two of my favourite websites for retro/vintage/pin-up girl dresses are: and - sadly I only get to look as they're quite expensive and US based :(
    I'm liking all the cool redheads on your 'Girl Crush' list!

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  14. Gorgeous! Love all those dresses! :) x


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