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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Spamspamspam (Milani review, LOTD, blog theme...)

Sorry to throw two posts at you in one day, but my last one was a contest entry which deserved to be posted on its own, and I wanted to get a couple of looks off my memory card before they got deleted and forgotten and do a quick review of the Milani liquid liner I got too.

So a couple of posts ago I asked you guys what theme I should do, and typically, Pin Up/Retro, Comic Book and Hogwarts all got three votes each :| Hogwarts is only going to be four, perhaps five looks, so I'm going to save those for when I have a couple of days off. Comic books I'm waiting to see if another blogger is going to do a collab with me, which will get that out of the way, so there's going to be a Pin-Up/Retro theme! Yaaaaay! I'm really excited about it. I'm going to try and dedicate a post a week to it for a while, but in all likelihood its probably going to be more. I'm thinking a basic pin-up look, a twenties look, a sixties look, a couple of psychobilly looks, a Dita Von Teese look, a Patricia Day look and maybe some retro hair and nails looks too! Dead excited - I love, love, love pin-up looks, I just am rubbish at them, so hopefully this will be a nice project for me.

Anyway, I really wanted to use my Milani Infinite liner, but to be honest I've been scared shitless. Pixie_a_la_mode lovingly warned me that it never comes off ever, and I'm all out of make-up remover.... Oh well. Here it is in its lovely blue glory:

Evil Shades Whooo R U (green in crease)
Pout gold shade from Miss Barbados duo
Hi-Fi Mornings of Gold (Lid)
Milani Infinite Liner in Infinite

Almay Blush in Peach

Wet N Wild lippy in 903C (blotted)

I really liked this look, and I looove this lipstick, too! The liner itself is a really thick consistency, which is both a blessing and a curse. I find thinner liners can bleed on the inner corner of my eye where my skin is quite wrinkled, and obviously this won't, but it does take ages to dry and it did get all over my lashes. The brush is lovely and thin and I made a nice little wing with it, which made me happy :). Now, as for the longevity = it rocks. It didn't budge at all during a ten hour shift at work, where normally I would have to touch up such a thin wing. When I got home, I carefully washed off all my make-up except the liner, and went to bed. (Save your scolding, this is science, yeah?) I woke up in the morning to see it had some slight creasing and flaking, mostly on the outer wing. This stuff would survive an A-bomb, I swear. However, it came off really easily with olive oil! So hooray and kudos to Milani.

And secondly, because I'd never done one before and I think its a really pretty colour combination, a brown blue look. Oooooh! It was a lot more vibrant in real life, but if you're in the UK you will know that we have been denied any sunshine whatsoever so I couldn't get the best snaps.

I don't remember what I used for this apart from that it was all 120 shadows and UD 24/7 pencil in Bourbon.

Cheers if you stuck with me through two posts today, girls. Get your poodle skirts out and give me some retro ideas!


  1. Loooove the blue brown look :) I need a decent liquid eyeliner...How about you do a standard pin-up look, a bright rockabilly look and a hair tutorial (if you can do victory rolls etc)?

  2. Yay, you like the liner! I need to get one, methinks. I'm loving your white/pale green combos... so pretty with your hair!

  3. @Beauty's Bad Habit: Yeah, I'm def going to do some basic ones, I do them quite a lot. And soooometimes I can do Victory rolls, sometimes not! I dont have any layers so its hard, but I'm gonna do some combos!

    @Cydonian: Awww, cheers! Maybe I'll do a green psychobilly look :D And you should get the liner, its loooovely!

  4. That blue rocks! I so need to get some of that *drools*

  5. The blue and brown look is really pretty. Never would have thought to pair those together. Although I paired purple with brown today and that worked out too.

  6. I like how angelic the last one is, very ethereal and it suits your skin tone!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  7. I love the blue/brown look so much! What a great combo.

    And yay for pin-up looks, and especially for 1920s!!!

    And have you colored your hair recently and I missed that fact? It's looks so gorgeous and vibrant in these photos, I am mucho jealous. :) Such a lovely red.

  8. Hey Hunny I Tagged you in a Tag on you page <3

  9. OMFG!! I LOVE that liner!! I SOOOO NEED that!! your looks are great and can not wait to see ur pin up looks!!

  10. I love your hair colour, it's so vibrant! I'm waiting until the blonde highlights I got done last summer grow out and then I'm going all Little Mermaid!

    Beauty Base in Westfield has a Milani stand? (sorry, I know you're on a makeup ban!). I'm looking for their Luminous blush which is supposed to be a dupe for NARS Orgasm, but it's always out of stock there.

    Kat x

  11. I love the blue & brown! Totally agree about the Milani liner, too. Indestructible.

  12. @Stephee: Its really pretty, it has a slight shimmer in it. Its soooo nice, I'm glad its a nice colour and product.

    @Blix: I agree with you, browns can look... well, poopy. I'm trying to use them more now because I think its stupid that I'll wear neon shadows and I don't like brown!

    @Marie: I'll bear that in mind when I need to look angelic for something :D

    @kathyeffingjacobs: I did dye it this weekend, I'm alternating between semi-permanent and permanent dyes. I thought I picked a more orangey red but it came out really pink. And I'm looking forward to the 20s look too - but I'm scared!

    @Lisa Marie: Thanks, I'll check it out! :)

    @icosmeticRN: Awww, thanks so much! You so should get the liner.... get iiiiit :D

    @Kat O: Oh, bollocks, do they? Oh well, I'll have to check it out for future reference. I really have been good with my no-buy, I haven't even bought any MUA or anything! The only beauty thing I bought is hairspray which doesn't even count, right?

    @Lillian: Cheers luv :) I'll be scouring your blog for inspiration for my 20's look!

    @Heather: Wtf do they do to it? I really want some other colours now...

  13. I LOVE the last looks, looks so awesome!

    Btw, I tagged you!

  14. Ahhh I love the blue/brown look :D I would never think to pair those colours together!

  15. Ohhhh I'll have to try that liner. :D

    I love both, but the second one is just so pretty. :D

  16. Love both looks! Bright blue and light green look lovely together, and blue & brown is interesting combo too.
    LOVE your hair colour! x


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