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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Robyn's Rockin' Retro #1: Easy Pin-Up Eyes

Pin-Up eyes are the easiest, most simple eye EVER. When I decided I was going to do the retro theme, I initially thought, aw, crap, and spent about 10,000 hours on YouTube only to discover pin-up eyes, at least, is pretty much what I do for my can't-be-arsed/omfg-got-to-leave face - 2-3 shadows, black liner and mascara and white eyeliner for your waterline is optional. Even so, I've learnt a few things the last couple of days, its like I've been giving myself homework! So to kick this series off, here's some dead, dead easy pin-up looks:

Super simple, neutral:

Gold isn't a typical pin-up colour, in my opinion, but for me its something I class as neutral, and therefore works well as an all over lid colour for this look - I also find it softer than a stark white colour, which allows the focus to be on the red lips. Just darken it with a medium brown in the crease and a little on the lower lashline and you're done!

Snow White:

Marilyn Monroe often used a shimmery white shadow as her lid colour. - she was awesome and always did her own make-up, and she used loads of cool tricks, not that she needed them. This is the 'sexy' look out of the three, I think. Normally with a shimmery white, I would use my Milk pencil as base, but I left it out this time as it would have been too stark. I would have loved to have worn this with a red lip but I was facing a ten-hour shift and it would have been impossible to re-apply. Pigmented gloss it is!

Think Pink:

Whenever I think of a pin-up eye, pink and brown is the classic one. I don't know if its just me, but it seems the most retro and it's so pretty! Again, there is a little more colour here which is good if, you don't always have time/can't be arsed to maintain the perfect red lip. This is nice and matte, too, on the lid at least, which always seems more authentically retro to me, even though I know that is bollocks!

Lessons learned:

1-Take your time over the liner! Went too fast for the white look and the wing wasn't right. I also think I could stand to go a bit stronger with it.
2-Pluck your damn eyebrows. Look at my brows between the first and second look!
3-Related to no 2: buy some bloody brow gel, woman!
4-Also purchase an actually pigmented white pencil!
5-Can't go wrong with falsies. Less is more on the eyeshadow front for a reason :D
6-Red lipstick is awesome, but totally non-wearable for a busy waitress.

Well, basic eyes are done, something more exciting for the next installment I promise!


  1. These are both lovely. I love the soft pink and brown look.

  2. lmao, the pluck your damn eyebrows thing made me lol for real.

    Also, your title... I instantly hummed rockin' robin, tweet, tweet, tweet... anywho.

    Lovely looks, you really suit the pinup thing! What do you use for your hair dye? It's so pretty!

  3. Gorgeous looks!
    Your ten times better at liner than me - that's why I always go for the smudged look :p

  4. I love the Snow White and the pink look! The pin up look, looks beautiful on you. You may have inspired me to give it a try one of these days!

  5. Love the pin up looks--you did such a nice job with them. I suck at the whole pin-up thing.

    LOL @ pluck your damn eyebrows :)

  6. So pretty! I especially like the last picture. I'm guilty of the "pluck your damn eyebrows" comment. LOL

  7. These are so, so, so lovely! I love that you did three takes on the "pin-up eye." And I especially love your hairdo in the pink and brown look - kind of rockabilly/Rosie-the-Riveter-esque, love it!

  8. Really lovely look! natural but different!

    follow me too :)

  9. @Scrubbingupwell: Its my favourite too

    @Cydonian: Well, its true! I do tend to have bad eyebrows, but its one of my pet peeves - I'm such a hypocrite! And don't sing that song, please... pleeeeeeease!

    @..R May A...:I did the first of these three looks everyday for about three years, so I'm ok at liner!

    @The Peach: Do it, do it!

    @Stephee: The eyes are easy but the hair and the lips and everything? Agh D:

    @Megan: I thought I looked a bit miserable but it showed the eyes nicely!

    @kathyeffingjacbos: It was easy easy peasy, I'm going to do a post on it!

  10. I looove love love the second one, I think it looks very retro.

  11. these looks are stunning on you! new follower!x

  12. Sweet! (If only I could make my hair grow by sheer force of will, instead of, you know, over time.)

  13. All of these looks are just beautiful. Pin-up is my go-to look :)

  14. Wow, the retro pin-up eyes go so well on you! Thanks for this, I've got to try out this look in the future, I'll use your looks as inspiration :)

  15. LOL @ your lessons learned XD

    These are all so pretty and different! In my brain I had just decided there was only 1 kind of pin-up look (in terms of lid and crease colour), but clearly I'm wrong. And I loooove the lashes in the last look :)


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