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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Swap goodies and LOTDs

Today I was rudely awoken from my lovely lie-in with the missus by a knock on the door. After flapping round in the buff like a complete twat looking for a dressing gown, I ran down two flights of stairs to discover that the bastard postman had just posted my stuff through the door anyway! ARGH! Anyway, the reason I was so excited was that I've been waiting for my swap package from the gaaawjus Wendy, aka Cydonian of Turtle Beauty. So I bounded back up to bed and proceeded to demolish the package:

Squee! I asked Wendy for the Wet N Wild coloricon palette in lust, Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Infinite, and she suggested the Milani 3d Glitzy Glamour Gloss in In Vogue. I've been dying to get these, I've especially wanted the palette and one of these glosses for a while. And as previously noted, I think we may indeed be sister from another mother because she gave me a gorgeous Sinful Colours polish in Purple Diamond and a Wet N Wild lipstick in 903C, which is a gorgeous bright peach. I've been looking for a lipstick like this for a while - peachy shades are hard to come by in my opinion - and I have nothing like this polish in my collection. I've heard great things about both these products on blogs, too. To cement my opinion girlfriend is psychic, she also sent me some berry Skittles. OMG, I love these things. The selection of Skittles flavours in the UK is sorely lacking - we only get the red ones and the Sours, and not the Sours with all the sugar on the outside, either. No berry, no tropical. Needless to say these provided us with breakfast in bed. Omnomnom.

A few swatches and then a few LOTDs....

I'm really, really pleased with this palette. The shades on the left are all matte and the shades on the right are all shimmery, so it's really versatile. The sheer colours you can't see very well, but there's a pale skintoney-pink matte, an ivory with silvery shimmer, a deep, almost aubergine matte purple, a shimmery gun-metal shade, a matte blackened plum and a shimmery blackened plum with red and gold sparkle. Lush :D

This is the Milani liner. Such a gorgeous jewel tone, slightly metallic. I'm scared to wear it because I swatched it this morning, had a shower and it didn;t even nearly come off. But I guess thats a good thing, as I've had problems with metallic liquid liners in the past flaking and wearing off so I have high hopes for this one.

I apologise for the suckiness of this picture but it shows the colours best. Unfortunately it doesn't show the hot pink glitter in this gloss - it really is sexy! I have tried in on my lips but like the conscientious beauty blogger I am, I didn't take a picture. Cydonian tells me these are very similar to some MAC glosses, but I don't own any so I will just say its awesome and I want more of them. The Wet and Wild lipstick is also really nice, too, its an almost salmon-y peach colour, and its lovely and opaque. It reminds me a bit of Lime Crimes Cosmopop (but a little darker and less orange) which is something I would never in a billion years part with my cash for, for various reasons, but a shade I really like.

Anyway, swatches over, a LOTD with the lust palette:

Not the best - the blending is a bit poo but I was in a rush because me and the boy had 103818309 things to do this morning and I'm trying to get used to using my 224 for blending. But gawd, I love that purple. Dead chuffed with this palette, going to be great for travelling. Next up is a smokey orange look:

I think this was all 120 shadows with the exception of Barry M Orange Dazzle Dust. The black from 120 is shit and I wish I hadn't used it, but I liked the look all the same. I'm getting better at doing smokey looks - much better than my last fail of an orange smokey anyway. And last up is a minty green look using Hi-Fi Sweet Dreams, a minty green I made from 120 shadows to dark the crease, MUA Shade 12, MAC Gesso, Nyx White Pearl and eBay glitter. I was envisioning using more brown when I sat down to do this but hey, green is good.

That's all from me, kids, hope you have an awesome weekend!

:) xxx


  1. lol! love swap posts. Those swatch colours look great! :)

  2. Nice swap!:D Enjoy your goodies and thanks for the swatches!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  3. ooooo I love the orange smokey look, makes yer eyeballs look gorgeous!

  4. Oooh yay you got it! Was getting worried -- wait until you get the supplement of stuff I couldn't get in time :3

    Omg, love the minty green look. It's so icy and rawr. Really loving the orange as well!

    Glad you liked the lipstick -- I saw you comment on someone's post saying you liked that shade (I think) shortly after I got it and I was like SCORE. I thought In Vogue was a little more red -- but it's still purdy :)

  5. @londons-beauty: Me too! And I love haul posts too, its like window shopping!

    @Zombie: We will do one soon, I promise!

    @Marie: I will!

    @Carmen: Aw, thanks! I do like orange with blue eyes, I must admit.

    @Cydonian: I love everything! In Vogue is a little more red than in the pics, but omg, its gorgeous. I have some lipsticks it'll go perfect with. And I wore the polish today too, its really pretty!

  6. Nice swap ! I need to try and find some W and W. I live in Canada so it shouldn't be that difficult ...I love that Orange look , it makes your eyes SO blue !

    HAve a nice week end !

    Caro xxx

  7. I have the Milani liquid eyeliner in black and it doesn't flake or anything it NEVER COMES OFF. NEVER. I even scrubbed and the bloody bastard didn't come off. It's a beautiful shade though. lol
    I love the minty green look. It looks so good on you. I especially like the glitter line. Pppft you did a great job with the blending on the purple look. Don't sell yourself short lovely one. :D The orange is my favorite. The browns look so good with the orange. Makes me want to use more oranges. >.<

  8. Love those green eyes!!!!
    they are just a vision!


  9. I've been dying to try that Milani gloss. It's mostly the faceted cap that gets me, I'm a real sucker for nice packaging.

  10. Great swap! Those look really nice products, and I love the purple look you did! x

  11. The LOTD is great!I love your earrings by the way!!!Red/bright orange is your color for sure!Also this is a great swap!
    have a good week girl!

  12. I looove the first look with the purples in the crease :)

  13. I hate it when the postie knocks and you rush and thenhe's just put it through the door! If it fits in the letterbox anyway why knock? >_<
    Wow what a great swap! The lipgloss is lovely, i have the blue one which is just gorgeous! The liner looks lovely too.
    I love all the looks you've made :)
    Also sorry if you've made this obvious somewhere or i'm being stupid but when you say you were lying in with the missus does that mean your partner is a woman? I ask because i have a girlfriend and haven't 'met' another beauty blogger in a relationship with another woman :)

  14. @MUA: I can't believe I didn't buy more makeup when I was out there! But we only had one drugstore, and it was just L'oreal and Maybelline and stuff I could get at home.

    @Pixie: I was worried about it, but olive oil took it off nicely.

    @aGdame: Merci monsieur, I like it too!

    @GlowingDoll: I like the fat tube, too! It is really pretty looking.

    @Jonna: Thanks, I soooo wanted to play with this palette!

    @Ria: Aw, thanks. They were good old Topshop!

    @SilhoutteScreams: Thanks, I definitely want to use more purples in the crease as neutral looks now.

    @Lillian: I wore the liner yesterday, its sooo pretty. And he's a dude, I'm afraid, I just call him the missus! It is surprising you've not met another though, its not like us beauty bloggers are quiet about our private lives or anything!

  15. Oh i see, silly me! I just don't think i've encountered any gay or bi lady bloggers.


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