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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sometimes, the night is generous to me...

I'd like to ask you guys a teensy favour. As I mentioned in my last post I'm lacking in inspiration so I thought having a theme might give me some ideas. So would you either have a little vote or give me some ideas for a theme?


I know these have all been done to death but I'd still like to try one! And any ideas are really welcome. Please don't ask me to do Twilight though, I may have to vom on you.

Anyway, for Makeup Geeks weekly challenge, which is comic-book themed, I decided to go with Rorschach, my favourite character from my favourite comic book, Watchmen. If you haven't read Watchmen I totally recommend it, it kicks ass. The film is good, too (awesome soundtrack) but the book blows it out of the water. The look itself was a bit of a fail, and as normal I thought "fuck this" half-way through, but here it is anyway...

The lips were supposed to be like the blood on the happy face. I wanted to do it with my OCC lip tar but thought that staining my face would be pretty bullshit. Ah well, it was fun and I got to wear a hat. I might do a yellow 1950's original Silk Spectre type look too. What do you think?


  1. Your look turned out awesome! I'm glad you stuck with it and finished it!

  2. This is so cool! Well done! It's also making me think Halloween as it is right around the corner and I can't think of anything I want to be. Dammit!

  3. that came out great!! i would love to see makeup inspired by Hogwarts..hehehehe..i would love that!!

  4. ..i was gonna reply but then that picture of shirley manson on your page appeared and then my brain started to melt and pour out my ears and I dont remember what I was gonna say but cor is she looking hawt.

  5. @Peach - Thanks! I hate taking my make-up off at the best of times so i think that's what kept me going.

    @Blix - don't get me started on Hallowe'en, I can't bear to think about it right now!

    @icosmeticRN: Aw thanks, I like Hogwarts for the idea best, too!

    @MethadonePretty: I know right, its a good job I like willies or she'd be in trouble

  6. Retro - pin up thing please ! I am into that vibe at the moment ...Or celeb stuff : Aguillera when she doesn't look like a cheap hooker (yes sometimes she looks classy ...sometimes), Dita Von Teese ...
    You watchmen recreation is awesome. I saw the movie and I am not fond of comics-inspired- movie but I loved this one : so dark, so different, so graphically (is that even a world ?) beautiful...

    Caro xxx

  7. I haven't seen the movie or read the comic...but I think what you did looks really good! Hogwarts makeup sounds like a cool idea...or pin-up/retro (only because I pretty much suck at that, but I love looking at those looks)

  8. That look is awesome!! I've always love Malefecent from Sleeping Beauty. Gotta love the villains!

  9. I love Rorschach, and I love this look!

    And I always love pin-up/retro looks, so I say go with that. :)

  10. Oh, oh wow. *stares till eyes fall out* Oh man. I need to see more Super Hero inspired looks. Marvel heros please? Unless your a D.C. girl then I'll silently give you scathing looks. (Mostly out of admiration.)

  11. @MUA: I like cheap hooker Christina, but she was best when she was doing her old Hollywood stuff for sure.

    @Stephee: Yea, pin up is something I really want to get better at so thats why I popped it on the list!

    @Megan: Me too! Petrilude did a look- I think it was a seven deadly sins look - that looked just like her and it was awesome.

    @kathy: I know, he's such a dude right

    @pixie: Keep your hair on, I'm a Marvel girl :D

  12. You did great job with this look :D x

  13. Looks sweet - Watchmen is awesome.

    Have you thought about doing a Steampunk look? Otherwise, I vote for Couture.

  14. DUDE, if I could ever be bothered to enter this challenge you totally would have stolen my character! >;D this looks awesome!

  15. @Jonna: I wish I'd done more black, but then maybe it would have been more like facepainting and not like make-up.

    @Moogle: Ooooh, ooh I should do a steampunk look...

    @SilhoutteScreams: I think he is the best character like, evarrr. I might do another one with just rorschach-y liner.

  16. Girl, this is amazing. I love that you did something different than just putting eye colors on! Really impressive... dude, my best friend went as Rorschach for Halloween (mask), he'll love this.

  17. Oh I'd like to see anime/manga... that is very different. Hogwarts, too.

  18. I LOVE This look, its absolutly amazing!! Good luck in the contest. I think doing a disney series would be awsome, Would love to see your version of Ariel from the little mermaid! :)

  19. Girl, you have a wicked style! Honestly, I totally love it. I'd love to do a collab with you as I would like to do another Emily the Strange eye make up. Yep, I'm a comic lover and it'd be awesome to see how you realize this theme. But Snoopy or Betty Boobie, err, Boop would be also fantastic... As you like it. :-)

  20. @Cydonian: Aw, cheers :) I wanted to keep it eye-focused though so thats why I didn't do it all over the face.

    @Girtastic: :D I do kind of want to do Disney... Ariel is my favourite (hence my hair :S)

    @mylanqolia: Ooooh, sounds interesting, I'll email you!

  21. Awesome! I could tell it was Rorschach straight away :)


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