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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bargain Time: Makeup Academy Intense Glitter Intense Colour liners

Make Up Academy have stolen my heart, again the dastardly imps. I'm skint at the moment and the fact I can grab pretty things for £1 keeps my cravings sated and stops me splurging in Superdrug so I can have nice indie hauls, etc.

Anyway, I saw the Intense Colour and Intense Glitter pencils in my local Superdrug today on one of the very same 'Argh, I have no money but want stuff' trips, and grabbed a couple to try. Wowza!

Intense Glitter: Malt Chocolate
Intense Colour: Forest Green
Intense Colour: Bright Orange

The thinner liner is one stroke and the patch is layered. So basically, they're one-swipe babies. The Forest Green is more metallic in real life. Needless to say, I am going to buy the rest of the range tomorrow - look at the pigmentation! I think they had about ten colours, including a nice looking lilac. I chose the stupid colour I'll never wear- I can't believe I got a gorgeous orange liner for £1, though! Barry M has bright matte colours and they are pretty sucky so I never thought I would find one. I thought at first Malt Chocolate was an Urban Decay Bourbon Dupe, which it isn't, and got all excited.

Left: Makeup Academy Malt Chocolate
Right: Urban Decay Bourbon

The glitter stands out more in Malt Chocolate, which is more of a rusty, red-based brown that UD Bourbon which ironically is more of a chocolate colour. The glitter and finishes are similar - the MUA pencil isn't as soft as the UD, but they're both very smudge-able.

The pencils also have a built-in sharpener and they're labelled with their names, ingredients, use by dates, etc, as well. I really like that they have names, even if they are lame ones. It's so much handier than Shade 5 or Shade 12, which is the system for their other products. I'm also impressed at the range of finishes for such a budget brand - matte, glitter and metallic!

I haven't worn them yet - I'm literally vomiting this review out because I was so excited when I swatched them. If they wear as well as they look, then I'll be very happy indeed, but seriously, I'm thinking they're too good to be true right now! Stay tuned for an EOTD!


  1. Wow they look amazing!especially the fact that you get built in sharpeners with them, sometimes pencils don't work with your standard makeup pencil sharpner and it's so annoying! amazing quality for £1! Let me know if they crease when you wear em, I've yet to find a pencil that doesn't! xx

  2. Malt Chocolate looks gooorgeous! I think I'd start craving Malteasers every time I used it, though haha :)

  3. Wow! Those are all amazing! I can't believe they're only £1! I LOVE the orange! Look how many exclamation points this post has made me use!

  4. Ooh are these new?! I haven't spotted them before! I'd heading down Shepherd's Bush way this weekend fo' sho'! Can't believe they're a one swipe job for £1!

  5. These look great, I'll have to check them out next time I'm in Superdrug.

  6. So impressed by those! I'm def going to have to check them out next time I'm in Superdrugs. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Btw, there is an award waiting for you on my blog x

  7. I bought the turquoise, lilac and white ones at the weekend. They are amazing! I'm definitely going to get the rest of the colours, especially after seeing your swatches.


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