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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Quickie Review: Sleek Blush in Scandalous

I know its a bit beside the point reviewing this blush as it was discontinued last week*, but it reflects how I feel about my other Sleek blushers and as red is an unusual colour for blush, I saw no harm in my posting a few pics.

Mmmm, blush packaging.

Mmmmm, blush.

Mmmm, blush with flaaaash.

Its lairy, it's matte, it leans a tad orange. How does it looks on?

Applied very lightly. This picture is in the morning, around 9.

This picture is in the evening, at about 7. Hello, Greasy! As you can see, it held up pretty darn good. I really like the colour - it's very wind-flushed, natural looking and wearable. Bear in mind this is really, really lightlyapplied! I'm really pleased with the pigmentation and wear time of this - the fact I paid about £4.30 for it really helps when it's such a crazy colour. I know MAC and NARS have some red blushes, but I can't think of any that are this poppin' - anyone know of a good 'un?

*Scandalous was released as part of Sleek's Stiletto collection for Valentines. At time of writing (17th Feb) it was still available on their website, although due to recent happenings, I'd do a bit of research before you buy from their site.


  1. This looks absolutely beautiful on you!
    I think this is a very good dupe for Nars Exhibit A.

  2. I really wanted this but never got to a superdrug :( dammit it looks great!

  3. I wanted that blush but definitely wasn't going to buy it off the website! It looks great on you!

    Have you tried Fyrinnae's Charm blush? It's hot pink and amazing on, when applied lightly!

  4. This is lovely on u..what brush do u apply ur sleek blushes with? I have 2 and they r so pigmented sometime I put to much on and I have to really buff it out

  5. lol - "due to recent happenings, I'd do a bit of research..." yeah... just... yeah.

    This looks lovely on you! You wouldn't think red blush would go with red hair but it really does!

  6. @Musing On Beauty: I'd heard it was a decent dupe - I trust your call on this one!

    @Lillian: Blog sales! People will be selling this, I reckon. I love it but it's quite novelty, perhaps.

    @Kimmy: I LOVE Charm!

    @Jess: I use the ELF blush brush. Its small, but as its small it sort of gives less room for error. And then if it's very pigmented on my face still I buff it out with their powder brush.

    @Cydonian: Lol, well, I didn't know how else to put it! I'm not put off Sleek totally, obviously but I'd neeeeeever buy from their website now!

  7. Even though I'm a total Sleek and blushers junkie I skipped this one as it looked so insane! Looks good on you though. Next time I see Kev I'll give him the dark foundation for you - just glad to fine a useful home for it! Hate letting things go to waste! x

  8. @Kat: Ha, you know how when I last saw you I said I wasn't going to spend my money on stupid colours I'll never wear? Look how long that lasted! Cheers re: the foundation, I'm doing some MU at the weekends so it might come in handy!

  9. Haha and I put a kibosh on buying any new make up for a while. It's an addiction and I have to accept it! I used to go mad for teal and purple eyeshadows but just can't get mileage out of them at work so I've trained myself to love neutrals. I'll try and get the foundation to you by this w/e but I have seen Kev since last week now as he's poorly sick :( Man flu or summat.

  10. This is surprisingly wearable! I automatically want it since it's so obnoxiously bright, but I'd probably be made of fail and never wear it D:

  11. @SilhoutteScreams: I've yet to wear it scary but omgIwannaIwanna

  12. I am on the search for a nice red blush, thanks for posting about this.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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