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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Foiling Around: Primark Nail Foils

Primark's beauty stuff, for the most part, is pretty gash but occasionally they bring out something fun and interesting, like these funky nail foils!

HOW PRETTY?!I'd wanted to try nail foils for a while now, but they can be a little expensive, and the prints in shops are often a bit boring or plain. So when I saw the Primark had the foils for £3, and they had skulls and leopard print, I didn't think I had much to lose.

So how easy are they to apply? I think it's a practice thing. The foils folding over themselves and creasing is the main problem - I have a couple of kinks on my nails, which you can see clearly in the picture of my middle finger above, and even with blasting them with the hair dyer (which is hot, obviously :S) I couldn't get them out. Other than that, it was pretty simple. These particular foils come with both written instructions and a picture tutorial:

I think that's pretty decent for a Primark product!

So how did they wear? I applied them on Tuesday evening, and I took these pictures early Saturday evening.

Wear on the left hand.

Wear on the right hand.

The chunk taken out of my middle finger has peeled away in a spot where I know I didn't file it down properly in the first place, and it only came off this morning. I'd say you get three days of good wear with these, and then they start to look a teeny bit bedraggled, but you can still get a another day or so if you're not a perfectionist. So I'm really impressed! And they peeled off easily without leaving a residue. A+, Primark!

I should mention that I don't think they'd be good for large hands. Though I have quite big hands for a laydee, my fingers are fairly slim and some of the smaller ones would be way too small for some people, so if you have wider nails, take a butchers at them closely before you buy. You do get 18 foils for ten fingers, though, so I guess they would probably work for most people.

Have you tried nail foils? Or any other snazzy new nail products? I've picked some of these up for an upcoming giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. OMFGOGOFHAH I LOVE THEM! haha I may need to invest in some as I tried nail marbling lately and I just failed massively at doing them :P So jealous of those who can do it though! but back to your nails, I am really loving the skull print :) xx

  2. These look pretty cool - would love to get the leopard print ones!

  3. Those skulls are so cool! I'd love to try out nail foils but I honestly think my nails are too short...nothing to file! :)

  4. Ack those are amazing! Im so gonna have to see if I can find some, Ive been dying to try out nail foils! I really want to try the Sally Hansen ones, they have these amazing lace design ones!

  5. I've never tried nail foils cause they're just too pricey for me but I might try these ones! They look lovely! I must get the leopard ones :)

  6. These look fantastic! I wish my nails weren't so short at the moment.

  7. Very cute design. These looks easier to apply compared to some I've seen.

  8. Oooooh these are hot! I want to try some foils but I need cheap ones. May have to pick up a few when I visit! The Sally Hansen ones are just too pricey, to be honest. I have tiny, tiny fingers (esp. on my left hand) so I always worry about them fitting =P

  9. Thank you for reviewing this product. After reading this I want to give them a try now.

  10. So cute, I like that the background is white and not black.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. I got the leopard print ones. There were 18 in a pack. I managed to do my toe nails and my two young daughters finger nails. The trick is smooth out all the bubbles completely before you apply the hairdryer. Its still on my toes after nearly 3 weeks and still looks great. Lasted a week on one of my daughters. My youngest daughter wouldnt have the hairdryer on hers so they only lasted a few hours! Great Product and will definitely be buying them again!!!


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