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Monday, 28 February 2011

Neglected: Sleek Bohemian

It's mean. It's wasteful. It hurts the poor products feelings, but we all do it. The problem with having so much makeup - or anything, for that matter - is that stuff ends up gathering dust and not being used. So when I asked for a mini-challenge a couple of blog posts ago, and Wendy from Turtle Beauty told me to use the Sleek Bohemian palette for a couple of days, I took it as an opportunity to not be such a wasteful hussy.

Errrr. This is a difficult palette to get nice combinations out of. There are a few good ones, obviously, but not all of the colours are easy to put together. I think I did do more obvious combinations, but whatever. Here they are:

Used: Matte cream, matte purple, matte navy.

This turned out lovely and soft looking despite the vibrant purple. I was pretty pleased with the look, although I do still wish I had Sugarpill's Poison Plum as I suspect it is a whole lot better.

Used: Matte yellow, matte burgundy, matte green.

Sigh. My liner skills seem to be going backwards at the moment :(

I put the yellow and burgundy together and realised it was a bit Rhianna/Who's That Chick-y, so I went with it and put the green underneath. I want to do the Who's That Chick look properly, when I have the time to do the purple one as well.

I really should have given this palette another day, but I have new stuff to play with. So much for not being wasteful! Anyway kittens, I hereby challenge you to dig out something old or unloved and make use of it!


  1. The matte yellow look is FIERCE. May try a version of it with my Inglot palette... you did a really good job! The palette is admittedly hard to work with...

  2. Man, it's so hard! The yellow isn't the yellow I want it to be either, or I'd have more ideas for it :S

  3. I keep thinking the same thing about this palette. Other than the obligatory swatch-it-as-soon-as-I-got-it, I don't think I've ever used it! It is a very odd combination of colours and quite uninspiring. I love the looks you put together, I must dig it out and try something soon. xx

  4. that yellow is awesome, I may have a try with my 120 palette, i've been looking for a bold look for a party i've got on friday :D awesome look

    linsay x

  5. The yellow is amazing, i've been looking for a brighter yellow than the goldy toned one i'm using at the moment, this is perfect

    Katie x

  6. I luv the yellow! U inspired me to.use my sugar pull quad and try this look out..I'm excited now :)

  7. I have a bunch of stuff that I've been neglecting because I've recently bought a ton of stuff...thanks for reminding me that I should give the old standbys some love too :) I LOVE the purple look!

  8. Oh i know the guilt of forgetting to wear makeup! And I have so so much that the vast majority gets neglected :( Love those looks though, that yellow is gorgeous.

  9. love the yellow eyeshadow look!!! :3

    sigh* i know what you mean and i have so many eyeshadow palettes and i often forget to use them LOL! xD will try to revisit some of my neglected makeup because they might run away or something. hahaha! kidding. :)

  10. I love the first look!
    Second look is amazing too, so perfect for spring! :D x

  11. Beautiful! Damn, you are really good with mattes, all the blending looks so smooth! Also, I love digging through the old traincases and finding something you haven't used for ages, it's fun and cheaper than buying new makeup!

  12. By the way, when your Silk Stockings and Primrose Path lipsticks arrive from Evil Shades, I would LOVE to see some lip swatches!

  13. Love both the looks :) Love the yellow

  14. @Chicky: The combos are there for sure, it's just hard. The yellow and green, the purple and cranberry, and the purple and blue are obvious combos, to me anyway, but then what?

    @smoosh_kissxx: Post one if you do!

    @ama Yama Pretty Mama!: You can't get it any more but Sugarpill have an insane one!

    @Jess: Yes! Sugarpill looks please!

    @Stephtee: Thankyou! I've been using my neglected Sleek palettes a lot this week!

    @Lillian Funny Face: I have muchos muchos guilt!

    @sugar sugar: Run away like misunderstood teenagers!

    @Jonna: Thanks babe! I am feeling spring-y!

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: Thankyou! I'm really pleased with my matte skills atm! And yea, rediscovering something is amazing! Or re-appropriating. Like when you think, 'Oh hey, I don't have an orange creme blusher', and then it hits you, 'you've got a million orange lipsticks, bonehead.' It's a good feeling! And yes, swatches of course!

    @Sara.H: Thankyou! I love wearing yellow :)

  15. OOh both of these are gorgeous!! Love the bold yellow!!

  16. Love love love the second one... I feel like matte yellow is becoming trendy.

  17. Not everyone can look good in yellow eyeshadow - you do!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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