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Saturday, 12 February 2011

I did rolled bangs!!!

Or as we'd say in Jolly Ol' England, guv'nor, a rolled fringe.

We had a big joint birthday do last night and all went out to Volupté, which is a cabaret/burlesque lounge in London. The food and service, to be honest, were so shit we complained, which we never do because we're wimps, but the show itself was really good fun. There was a excellent jazzy trio - the compere/singer was fabulous - the burlesque dancing was beautiful and there was a cheeky topless acrobat which is always a good thing.

Anyway, I managed to make my hair do something good!

Lid: Shimmery whitish colour from Wet N Wild Lust Palette
Crease: Taupe and charcoal from e.l.d Day2Night quad
Brows: Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel/Dark matte brown from Sleek Storm palette

Darling Girl Fuji

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Vixen
Barry M Lipgloss Wand in Cherry Glitter

I wanted to show you more pics of this but I only took this one off of my memory card, and now my memory card won't read. Sigh.

Anyway... I don't have many tips on achieving this hair-do, to be honest, except that you need a lot less wide a section of hair than you might think. Section some hair at the front of your head from your ears, and then probably the same width as your pupils are apart. Comb it straight, grab the ends and roll then up and toward your forehead (not your crown.) Keep it tight, pin it underneath with long bobby pins. Let it fan out slightly, secure further with bobby pins and annihilate it with hairspray. Add victory rolls/hair flowers/cute pigtails and you're done!

Robyn x


  1. jealous! You look flippin amazing, I looove rolled fringes and the whole burlesque/40's/pin up look xx

  2. Wow you look stunning! Your hair is so shiny! *__*

  3. Loving the fringe and the colour of your hair, looks amazing! I get such bad arm ache trying to do victory rolls that I usually give up!

  4. So gorgeous!!! I absolutely adore this!

  5. Wow! Very cute look! I love your retro inspired looks!

  6. Gorgeous colour and style! :)

  7. This is gorgeous! That red is so pretty on you. Very win.

  8. You look so beautiful! I think you suit the fringe so well! And this just confirmed how much I need that Barry M glitter gloss...

  9. This is gorgeous! You pull the rolled bangs off very well!

  10. Loooove! This is so cute. I have actual fringe and can't get it to look this good haha

  11. You look so classy and awesome!
    I love your earrings, hair and lip colour!I wish I could look as good as this!I'll try the hairdo as soon as the exams are over!Thanks for sharing!
    Happy day!

  12. @Carmen: Thankyou! I love the style too, I wish the hair wasn't so much effort though!

    @Lillian@ Aw, thanks! It's the chemicals I puts on it :D

    @Beauty Fiend: Yeah, I can't do the proper victory rolls that go all the way back, I just do cheaters ones and even that makes me ache!

    @Erica: Aw, thankyou!

    @RaeRae: Orly? ;)

    @The Peach: Me too, I wish I wasn't so lazy and did them more!

    @Gem X: Thanks, I really like the colour I've got at the moment!

    @Megan: Yay win!

    @Aoife: Oooh, get it, it really perks up red lippy!

    @Lady In A Top Hat: Thankyou! I think they work really well with my face shape.

    @sepia: I'll never manage it again, so thankyou!

    @Cydonian: I'm too scared for real fringe!

    @Ria: oooh I'd love to see it if you try!

  13. holy shit this is amazing!!! i love the eyes!!

    BTW robyn..any chance you could CP me a few sleek items?? Just lmk..I could CP you some thing from here if you could like..whatever work..just contact me on my blog or MUG..thanks so much!!

  14. hey..I just noticed that I don't have my email anywhere on my site..sorry about that and I just added it :)

    My email is

    Honestly I just want the the sleek good girl palette..I am drooling over the oranges in it :D

  15. oh my! your rolled bang looks gorgeous. love!

    and check out my blog and my current contest/giveaway at

  16. Hi! I just gave your blog an award :) xx

  17. WOW. You look amazing! I love the hair, I love the make up! I've never tried doing victory rolls or a rolled fringe but I must give them a try - maybe I can use up the nasty old Umberto G BIAB practicing!


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