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Saturday, 26 February 2011


Want to read some new blogs?! Here are some bad boys that have been caressing my eyeballs lately!

Pretty Punk Beauty Junkie. She has an excellent, varied blog with great swatches and I love her Cheap Thrills Thursday feature! I read almost all of her posts yesterday!

Love Thing. Dazzlelight1991 is BEAUTIFUL. Her LOTDs are lovely, and it's worth checking her out just to drool over her hair!

Rockalily. ReeRee Rockette is a friend of a friend who runs a group in London called Wonderful Woman: Minding Our Own Business, aimed at chicks who are or want to run their own business and providing help and networking opportunities. Cool, huh? Rockalily is ReeRee's fantastic rockabilly blog with its own line of lipstick coming out soon!

Vulcan Butterfly flittered onto my radar really recently and I'm in love with her style already! Check our her fantastic look for Makeup Zombie!

Baroque Boudoir. LOVE this girls dress sense AND SHE HAS A STAY BEAUTIFUL TATTOO. (It's not just my blog name, it's one of my favourite songs. And no, not the Taylor Swift one.)

Hues N Blues. New blog from Sepia Raven! She's posted beautiful looks so far so go and give her some love!

Yama Yama Pretty Mama. YYPM was a rockabilly accessories online store which has really cute items, and this is Katie's blog. Lots of cute rockabilly style! Sadly the shop isn't running anymore, but she said if you email her she'll still make custom pieces.

And also a sifaka. Because they are the best.

If you've been reading anything that you've been loving, let me know!


  1. Thank you for the shout out honey! Gonna check out all the others that you recommend x

  2. Thanks for the link! Will look at all the others too :)

  3. Love finding new blogs... Thanks for the links!

  4. Thanks for sharing, going to check them out :D x

  5. Thanks for posting my blog on here, that is so nice of you! :) Also, thanks for some great new blog recommendations!

  6. Thanks for the shout out! :) Def going to have to check out those others xx

  7. Aw thanks so much Robyn! Really appreciate the shout out :) Drool all you like haha xxx

  8. Aww...thanks for the mention.

    Gorgeous eye make-up too.

  9. What a sweet post, thanks for the links!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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