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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Quickie Review: Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Teal and Blue

Stupid deals. I'll ALWAYS go for the deal, even if I'm not sure I'll like the product. A couple of days ago, in desperate need of a new mascara, I spotted a 3-for-2 offer on Collection2000 eye products. I purchased the new Skyscraper mascara and two of their coloured ones.

Pretty packaging...

Blue, without flash and with.

Teal, without flash and with.

...pretty colours. And on the eye?

Blue, 2 coats. The colour didn't intensify more after applying more than 2 coats, so I don't feel the need to show a clumpy mess for no reason :P I also had to adjust the colour levels here but it's pretty a accurate representation of colour.

Teal, 2 coats (sorry about my eyeball), Teal, a bajillion coats.

In the second picture, I applied more after wearing it all day. You can see from my bottom lashes that the colour has faded.


I'm not a massive fan of the brush. The bristles are very short, which combined with the dry formula doesn't make it easy to get non-clumpy lashes -and you do need to build the colour on with Teal. The mascara wore well throughout the day but I noticed the colour faded during the afternoon and got darker with both shades. Bit of a shame - I want my lashes to be colourful if I'm wearing coloured mascara, and it's not something you can really touch up, like gloss or blusher. Both shades are beautiful though - the teal is really eye-catching and where the blue is quite dark, it's a subtle but pretty difference to your regular black or brown.

So would I repurchase? Eh... probably not. At the price, I think this is a pretty good product. The mascara does lengthen a decent amount which is nice for a budget mascara - I'd certainly give the black version a go - but the fact the colour fades throughout the day makes me a bit of a sad panda. I did try the teal on my brows last night (didn't get a picture, herp derp) and it looked awesome, though!

The mascaras retail for £2.99 and also come in black and purple. Ok, so I might try the purple...


  1. Thats a shame, they look awesome on! I went through a phase of coloured mascara ages ago, still have a blue Rimmel one I need to start wearing more!

  2. How weird, I've never heard of a mascaras colour fading! They do look quite pretty though.

  3. It's so funny that these look EXACTLY like the Mac ones from WW... that just makes me giggle. Silly Mac, your prices are tooooo high!

    Anywho, I had the blue colored one from their old old line (the one in the bad clear packaging with rub off writing... after a while I forgot what brand it was) and it was pretty shite. These look a little better but yeah, the brushes need work.

  4. Haha, I want the purple one too! The only thing is, I only occasionally use the coloured mascaras that I do have. Perhaps if I went out clubbing more...

  5. That's so odd that the colour fades :( I think the green looks nice on your eyeball though!

    I'm a bit scared of wearing coloured mascara myself, I remember I used to be obsessed with some blue one and looking back it probably looked awful on me XD

  6. I've never been able to get purple and green mascaras to deliver. Even blue hasn't been all that=not thickening.

  7. @Aoife: It was your post with a blue mascara a while ago that convinced me I wanted one, it looked so good on you!

    @Lillian: Yea, they'll be good for playing and making photos, I can take that!

    @Cydonian: My word, you're right! Silly MAC indeed.

    @Julianne: I was planning on just wearing these on the lower lashes as a funky accent.

    @SilhoutteScreams: I think its what you pair it with - I went to school with someone who wore baby blue e/s and blue mascara for YEARS.

    @Kimberly: Yeah, the formula sucks a bit. But I swatched a colour Guerlain mascara recently and it was really similar looking, so maybe its something to do with the pigments they have to use? No idea! I'll have to research it.

  8. That's such a pity as they are really nice colours. This is a good review as I buy some things from Collection 2000. Cheers Michelle

  9. I've never been able to get on with colourful mascara, but I do like the look of the teal one.

  10. Bummer that they dont last, they are really gorgeous. I've been wanting to get colored mascara for a while. I was going to get some fromt he WW collection, but I cant bring myself to spend that much on mascara.

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the teal color! It suits perfectly with your eye color!

  12. @Michelle: I'm wondering if it might just be a coloured mascara thing!

    @Kat: Oh, you know me and buying stupid crap!

    @Elyse: The whole WW packaging with the mascara made me go, OOOH! but yeah, I struggle with spending money on expensive mascaras now (and I ALWAYS used to wear Chanel/Dior mascara, etc) and especially on coloured.

    @YB: It's cute, right?! :D

  13. Sorry about that, at least the colors are vibrant and pretty.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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