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Saturday, 23 April 2011

High Voltage Love Week: Day 6

Due to recent customer service complaints, long order waits, orders going missing and ingredient inconsitencies, I can no longer recommend High Voltage Cosmetics.
Hullo thar! Got caught in a horrrrrific downpour today, right after I'd dyed my hair. NICE. Anyway...

I wanted to do a look showing off 'Roadie' for today:

Lid: High Voltage Roadie
Crease: High Voltage Ragnarok (Norse Mythology)
Lower lashline: MUA Intense Glitter liner in Malted Chocolate, HV Ragnarok on top.
Liner: Gosh Art Liner, brown?

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose

MUA lipstick Shade 11.

I LOVE ROADIE - what a wicked deep teal-green! I really don't think I can say anything else about this look, other than I should have done a white waterline and probably a less pink lipstick shade. Oh, one other thing - with High Voltage shadows, I prefer to use a creamy base, such as NYX pencils, rather than something sticky like Pixie Epoxy - I get a much nicer, more even payoff with them, and they're really pigmented anyway! Only one more HV day! Waaaaa :(


  1. Argh this is so gorgeous, I want Roadie!

  2. Roadie is an awesome color! Love the crease color you used with it!

  3. Very pretty! Love the colors!

  4. Roadie looks like such a deep colour, looks really nice !

  5. What a fabulous teal! I've been needing that color and didn't even know it until I saw it, haha.

  6. Love these colours together!

  7. Beautiful! I love these nice jewel tones together! I'm loving the choice of liner colour as well! I think the lipstick colour looks quite nice!

  8. Ragnarok looks nice! I'm glad I ordered a sample! :D

  9. what an amazing colour! it really suits you! xx

  10. Roadie is gorgeous!

    I love your brows! They're just so adorably shaped. :)

  11. Gorgeous color! This eye makeup suits your coloring beautifully! Hah, Femputer beat me to the punch, I was going to compliment you on your brows, too!

  12. Beautiful look! I love the color on your lids!


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