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Friday, 8 April 2011

Quickie Review: High Voltage Lip Candy

Due to recent customer service complaints, long order waits, orders going missing and ingredient inconsitencies, I can no longer recommend High Voltage Cosmetics.
High Voltage Lip Candies are long-wearing, pigmented vegan lippies in a pot, rather than a bullet. I bought a couple of these way back when and was disappointed that they were discontinued for a while. Jasmine, the owner of HV recently had a 'buy 5 for $20' offer, which I thought was rude not to take advantage of.

These are pretty quick swatches - I currently only have one P.O.S lip brush that makes everything look streaky and crap- so forgive me!

-Material Girl

-HV says: 'Perfect Coral Shade'
-I say: It's certainly coral - though it's more the orangey shade of ACTUAL coral living in the sea, as opposed to what we lippy-lovers might think of as coral. Oh, I know what I mean! Anyway, I love a good orange-leaning... anything, so a winner for me.


HV says: 'Brought back by request! A lavender pink!'
I say: This bad girl is pale, mofo! Oddly enough, I love it on me, and I normally hate pale lips, fearing the dreaded 'jizz lip' comments from my loving boyfriend. I really want to rock it with a very black, very sparkly eye!

-Alter Ego

HV Says: 'Red Violet'
I say: I can't get this to work on me! (I have a theory that indie purple lipsticks can be a bit difficult to work with- I had a bit of trouble with Morgana Cryptoria's Shrieking Violet and I know other people have had streakiness problems with Shiro's Sad Keanu. Anyone got any ideas?) I'll have to sit and play with it and work it out - maybe I'll try it with a doefoot applicator. I think it's going to have to be a layering lippy - it's sheerer and more glossy than the others I own.

EDIT: Jasmine announced on Twitter today (15/04/11) that she's reformulated Alter Ego to deal with the streakiness problem. I think it's really awesome that she listens to her customers and acts on things. It's not a huge issue to me - look at that swatch and tell me you haven't seen worse - but that's just how *I* roll. Anywoo, I think that's cool of her.

-Just A Girl

HV says: 'A creamy pastel purple!'
I say: What she said! I can wear this to work, right?!!!!

-Take The Stage

HV says:'Very vivid and true coral,not for the faint of heart!'
I say: I fell in love with this colour when I saw it online and even more when I got it in my grubby little hands! Slightly drier than the other colours, though not drying.

-Heart of Glass

HV says: Nothing, this colour is unavailable at the moment.
I say: Love it! Perfect bright rose. If you can't find Milani Rose Hip anymore, then this is a nice alternative to it.


HV says: Nothing, this colour is unavailable at the moment.
I say: One of my favourite orange lippies, and indeed, favourite lippies ever. Always gets me a few compliments, and lets face it, that's what I really want from my makeup!

I know potted lippies are not everyone's favourite, but personally, I'm not bothered. I do do a bit of make-up on photoshoots now and then, so I like to have a products I can both mix and use hygenically - I depot some of the contents of these and believe you me, it's much easier to do it from a jar than slicing a tube of lipstick up. One thing I will say for these is that I find application much easier if I use the back of my hand as a palette - they work nicer if they're warmed up a wee bit.

With the exception of Alter Ego (which I do still like, I just wish it was more opaque) I love all of these. They tend to dry down a little after a half-hour or so of wear, and last around 5 hours without needing a touch-up, which for me is awesome wear! At $5.50 for 4gm of product, I think these are amazing value and a bloody brilliant. I have my eye on Orestea, Va-Va-Voom and Monroe!

Have you tried and Lip Candies? Don't forget kids, High Voltage week coming soon, and check out High Voltage's sweeeeet competition where you can design your own make-up collection! Wowza!


  1. Totally digging alter ego and Heart of Glass!

  2. i've been looking for a colour like 'material girl' for agesss!! :)

  3. =O I need Kinky. I wish it were still available!

  4. I already have Just a Girl and love it, I think I need Gagalicous and and Take the Stage

  5. Take the stage looks amaaazing! Serious craving for it now. I'd been looking at Gagalicious but I can tell from your pic it's approximately 189.7% too pale for me :P

  6. Fab pictures! I love heart of glass and kinky! Such great colours! :) xxx

  7. Jizz lip!! LOL What a lovely compliment to receive! I love Heart of Glass and Just A Girl! Gagalicious is real purdy but I don't think I could carry it off! :(

  8. I looooove Just a Girl and Take the Stage! I need to wear Just a Girl more! Kinky also looks fab on you. I got AlterEgo in the amplified form and had trouble with streakyness too =/

  9. After looking at your gorgeous lips (that sounds bad o.O) I tried to do some lip swatches with lipsticks my friends had me try/get on the cheap. What I have learned: 1. You have some beautiful lipsticks! 2. You have much fuller lips (insert jealousy here) and 3. Taking photos of lips is just... weird to do. ;) Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. Your trick... For real? Hahaha, my husband was suggesting that! His lips are full and I complained that maybe I should have put it on him- beard and all ;) He said do fish lips. I tried a few.... the photos are hilarious. ;) Thanks for the tip!

  11. Gagalicious makes your lips look huge! I love Take the Stage.

  12. YAY lip swatches!! I love Take the Stage and Alter Ego, too bad there are some application problems. I had some issues with Shreiking Violet as well and I did invest in a lip brush that is not a P.O.S. so that didn't really help either (I NEVER buy expenisve brushes but I did buy a brand name lip one!)

  13. Take the stage blows my mind!


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