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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Quickie Review: Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes:

So, as per usual, I'm so late to the party everyone is already watching YouTube videos and there are no Doritos left. But I had to show you these little cuties:

L-R: Rickrolled, Numa Numa, Leeroy Jenkins

Numa Numa

Leeroy Jenkins


Rickrolled..... OMG. It's soooo beautiful- a lovely, deep glossy orange! Numa Numa is a little sheerer than the other two, but I like that for the colour that it is - I don't think I'd actually wear a very pigmented gold out! Leeroy Jenkins, as you can see, applies a little streakily - I've never bought a creamy lilac/purple colour that hasn't been, I have no idea what is up with that!

The scents are quite strong, but do fade a while once on the lips. Rickrolled smells of ginger, and by that I mean real ginger, not ginger cookies or some nasty 'Christmas' scent. Leeroy Jenkins has a lovely tingle to it, but not OMFG GET IT OFF, like some 'plumping' products I could mention. I'm not really a rum person, but I really like the smell of this one!

All in all, I really like these! They're not as lip-balmy as I thought they would be... I think they're lipsticks with a nice balmy feeling formula, not a cross between a balm and a lipstick. They certainly last longer and are more pigmented than a balm. All in all, these are awesome, smell nice, have beeeautiful colours and are HILARIOUS. Aaaaaah, little Numa guy :D

P.S - I accidentally hit post, not save, earlier. Whoopsie! Sorry to everyone who read a half finished post!


  1. So pretty! Must... buy... now...

  2. These are very pretty! Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Actually, your swatches are the best I've seen yet. :D

  4. I love the packaging on those, so cute!

  5. Love Leeroy Jenkins <3

  6. NICE! I love lip swatches! Why didn't anyone save me any Doritos???? I love Rickrolled, I'll bet it looks nice with your hair (I love your hair colour in case you didn't notice.)

  7. Gorgeous! I love the Shiro Intertubes! I need to get Numa Numa and Leeroy Jenkins, they are really pretty! I'm not sure about the ginger flavour in Rickrolled, I find it really nasty, but I love the colour! :) xxxx

  8. I love your swatches! They are the first ones that really has made me want to buy these, but they look really textured in the tubes. Do they feel scratchy when you're putting them on or when they're on the lips? Gritty lip products are my pet peeve!

  9. They look gorgeous, and so pigmented! Where can you get these from? I love products that are half balm-half lippies.

  10. Your blog cheers me up each single time I read it!
    Thanks :)

  11. These are awesome, I have Leeroy Jenkins, 3 wolf moon and Sad Keanu and totally love these!

  12. I neeeeeeedddddd Leeeeerrrooyyyyy... Rickrolled is super pretty too!

  13. @Marin: I knoooow, I want more!

    @Peach: No problem, I love swatching!

    @MakeUp Zombie: Orly?! Cheers! :D

    @Darling Girl: I love the chicken on Leeroy Jenkins!

    @Nea: They feel lovely on too!

    @keijukainen: Leeroy is such a great colour for spring too!

    @Vulcan Butterfly: I wore Rickrolled and my sister was like... 'are you wearing ORANGE lipstick?' I like oranges with my hair too ^^

    @Gemx: I like the scent, but it's put me off buying a couple of others because I know the scent will be too strong - whatever the cinammon one was I really liked the colour of but I hate cinammon :(

    @JessieM: Numa Numa and Leeroy feel a bit textured when you're putting them on - Leeroy Jenkins a lot more so, but it's not like it's scratchy. I can feel the glitter, but its not that gritty so I forget about it. I'd skip Leeroy if you were really fussy about it, but the other two are just fine imo!

    @Kat: Shiro Cosmetics are on Etsy :)

    @MlleK: Aw, thanks! I try to make it a happy blog!

    @tgw: I was considering Sad Keanu - that meme cracks me up big time!

    @Cydonian: I would have happily paid a lot more for Rickrolled, it's bloody gorgeous! My fave of the three to be sure.


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