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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Naked: My nude, neutral and 'wearable' lipstick collection

I've posted my reds, my oranges, and my brighter, funkier pinks and I'll have a purple post coming up - I just ordered a few purples, so writing one now makes no sense! With those posts in mind, as well as the fact I don't own any blue/green/crazy colours, here is my 'everything else' post!

-Make Up Academy shade 11

I bought this after seeing Beauty's Bad Habit compare MUA lipsticks to high-end ones. It has a nice peach tone to it, which I like - me and peach get on very well.

-Make Up Academy Shade 9

I was a little unsure of this lipstick at first - I don't even really know what shade this is. Sort of... purple-y brown-y? Though the colour eludes me, it's pretty and it's cheap, so it's a winner in my eyes.

-Make Up Academy Shade 7

Seen lots of love for this shade on blogs and I can see why -glossy, moisturizing, and nice and bright without being too lairy for everyday wear.

-Clarins Joli Rouge in 705 Soft Berry

I really like this lippy, but I only have one of those tiny GWP tubes, Sadly, the price will probably put me off purchasing, £16.50 is a bit much. It's a lovely balmy formula with a sweet berry scent.

-Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Caramel

A wee bit frosty, but that's not something that bothers me. I really like this lippy as it's a nice, slightly warm brown without being too dark for everyday wear (though I generally get on with browns quite well) or, forgive me, poopy looking.

-Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rosebud

A favourite everyday colour of mine. Really beautiful natural pink, and for less than £2, I really like the formula. If you're checking the range out, pick this up!

-Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Apple Blossom

A cheap-and-cheerful favourite that's almost always sold out at Boots. I fear concealer lips with this one, even though it is quite obviously pink. Pale lipsticks are just something I don't have the confidence for and that my skin does not like!

-Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick in Darling

A cult fave, this is a very pale, slightly pink-toned creamy nude. Looks freaking rank on me. I've seen other people with a similar skin tone to me rave about this and I... I don't get it. Great for mixing, though.

-Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Soft Coral

I adore this shade - it's very similar to NYX Margarita, FYI - but I find the barrel of the lipstick a little hard, and the glitter is fairly gritty. The formula isn't as nice as other lippies in the range, in my opinion.

-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Romantique

Another shade I'm scared is too pale for me. A lovely pink-gold duo, but I find it settles into my lips after a few hours. I've worn this blotted with clear gloss over the top.

-Wet and Wild lipstick in 903C.

Another shade in my hunt for a dupe for Lime Crime's Cosmopop. Wendy sent this to me in a swap... it probably shouldn't be in this list of colours, but it's not orange enough to be featured in my orange post. I love this lippy and I'll be pairing it with a smokey lilac eye this spring!

-Nyx Round Lipstick in B52

Lovely rosey-brown cream. I find this a little too dark for me - a bit 90's porn star - but it's a lovely shade nonetheless.

-Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Silk Stockings

Certainly my most unusual nude lippy! It has a sheer brownish-peach base, with loads of blue iridescence! The blue is more blue in person, but the shimmery effect is bang-on here. My fiance told me I had 'jizz-lip,' but I love it, so I refuse to believe him.

-Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path

Silhouette Screams wears this bad boy a lot, and it looks great on her so I snapped it up. It's a gorgeous pinky-peach that's fabulous for everyday wear, and while you can't see it in my photo, it has lovely green sparkles!

-Barry M 139 Golden Bronze

This is probably the palest 'nude' I have that actually suits me. It's one of Barry M's nicer formulas - lovely and creamy. This lippy is whittled down to a wee stump - one of my only ones!

If anyone can recommend a more skin-toned nude lippy for me, I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. I am such a newbie in lipsticks. I am not a lip person at all so this is so good for me and very inspiring.
    My faves :

    - Make Up Academy shade 11
    - Clarins Joli Rouge in 705 Soft Berry
    - Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rosebud
    - Wet and Wild lipstick in 903C
    - Nyx Round Lipstick in B52
    I am so happy that most of my favourites are very affordable, wooo :)

    thank you

  2. I love the Boots Natural Collection range, I wasn't so keen on the formula of the one I bought but I love the colours! I too do not understand the pale skin + pale lips trend, I often see people raving about these skin coloured lipsticks but they just look like they've missed with their foundation! Haha, I love all these colours you've put up here, nearly exactly my taste in lipstick so thank you :D will be checking most of these out! xxx

  3. The Wet 'n' Wild one looks goooorgeous! I love the Natural Collection shades you swatched too, they were the first two lippies I bought for myself :S

  4. I must disagree VEHEMENTLY that GOSH Darling looks RANK on you! I think it looks nice, I have that one too and I like it! I also like Fyrinnae Romantique on you as well, and Silk Stockings does NOT give you "jizz-lip"! I love lip swatches, it is nice to have some great neutrals around. ALSO, I have tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Pass it on to some super sweet blogs if you would like to!

  5. Seeing the WetnWild one I got you again makes me want it, lol! I had forgotten about it. I like that Soft Coral shade from Rimmel too... we don't get that here, unless we get it under a different color name! I agree on the Boots Natural Collection ones... that one you got me is fab!

  6. Wow, you have to stop showing such gorgeous swatches, I want too many of them! :P
    I love Primrose Path and Rosebud. I never think to look at the Natural Collection stuff, I'll have to have a lookie! :) xxx

  7. Hi. I've been reading your blog for about a month, and I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    If you get the time/desire to do so, I'd love to see you pass it on to some other blogs!

  8. Quite surprised at the MUA ones, they seem quite nice for the small price

  9. Loving Makeup Academy #11! but they all look gorgeous on you

  10. OMG! the shades look so beautiful on your lips. Great post! :) You've a lovely blog.
    By the way I am following you now. Do check out my blog sometime. Have a good day!

  11. Essence has a very nude shade but unfortunately, it isn't available in the UK. I also have MUA lipstick Shade 11 now. I like it. :-) I'm very interested in the Boots Natural Collection lippie in Rosebud now. Lovely colour!

  12. Damn you!! My wishlist just got a little longer! Definitely wanting Rose Bud from Nat Collection and haven't ever tried Fyrinnae products but that Lip Lustre in Romantique is gorge, and Barry M 139...ok I need to stop!

  13. Thanks for swatching these, although now I need all of them. Sigh. Why am I such a slut for lippies? But these are BEAUTIFUL!


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