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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Quickie Review and Swatches: Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick

I really need to give up on the 'quickie review' crap - they're never quick! I think I just like saying 'quickie.' Anyway, feast your eyeballs on the Evil Shades Deviant Lipsticks in my collection.

Silk Stockings:

The last picture captures the colour of the base well, but it shows up like the top photo normally - the sparkles/shift are a soft blue! Really awesome unusual nude.


Fateful is a black with purple shimmer. For a black lipstick (which are tricky buggers) this is freaking ace - no rubbing it over your lips 10,000 times to get some colour to show! The only downside is you need to wear lip liner, as you can probably see, but that's the case with all blacks I've ever tried.

Primrose Path:

Such a perfect day-to-day shade - a peachy pink with subtle green shimmer. The green shimmer makes it unusual enough that I think I'm cool, but it is very subtle and wearable still!


One of my favourite reds! I really think this is a knock-out shade and I like its not-too-sheeny, not-too-matte finish.


A deep metallic blue. I have trouble with this one - it takes a bit of effort to apply it opaquely, but it's not like it takes ten minutes or anything.  I'm going to try it over concealed lips and see if that makes a difference.


It's green. What more can I say? I got a sample of this with an order and I love it! *Probably* wouldn;t wear it out, but we'll see...
Bane is a really pretty light pink with a blue shift and I think it's a nice addition to anyone's colection. The formula of this one is really light and balmy and as such is sheerer than the others. Great for layering.


Corruption is a metallic purple with blue glitter (you can see it if you click the bottom picture, it's more obvious in real life). A really cool and unusual shade! This is a bit of a funny one - it is pigmented, but I have to really warm it up first to get it to show on my lips. Bit odd, but once it's warmed up, it applies nicely and doesn't budge.


A beautiful wine colour. I love these shades but often find they're too red or too black - this one has a lovely berry juiciness to it. Do you have lipsticks that whenever you put them on you make kissy duck faces at yourself? (No... just me?) Well, this is one of those lippies!


Errrr. How awesome is this? It's quite hard for me to describe - it's very bright but it's sort of... a neon undertone than rather than a omg-my-retinas bright.The best thing about it is it's UV REACTIVE. I can't wait to see how it glows under blacklight. Funnily enough, I don't have one knocking about to swatch it under but I will update this post soon as I've got a UV shoot coming up.

Boring word time...

What to say about these? Well, the first thing I love is the price. They're $4.25 each, so about £2.60, and they're quite often on 3-for-2, so they're a freakin' steal. They wear very well - I worse Primrose Path the other day and it lasted through a picnic and beyond, which is no mean feat, I tell you, and they're not drying, although some formulas are slightly drier than others. I'll reiterate that they're cheap as fucking chips, because I still can't get over what you get for the price.

I should also mention the packaging. Here's the new tubes:

Versus the old tubes:


The old packaging was a bit bothersome - I find it hard to neatly apply some of the colours with the big chapstick round tubes as I have a skinny upper lip (not complaining, of course, as I'm sure the packaging has a lot to do with that awesome price) but the new slimmer ones solve that problem and look pretty swish too. Love the new labels as well - look how far they've come along since the original white ones!

Have you tired these lippies? Any reccomendations?


  1. I'm still not used to seeing green, purple, etc colored lipstick. While they're cute, I think my favorites are silk stockings and primrose path. ;) Woo pinks and reds! Even the wine one looks luxurious.

    The new packaging looks better. I don't know about applying (I don't wear lipsticks) but it looks a little fancier in a longer tube. :)

  2. Loving some of these. Think i'm gonna place an order :D

  3. @Makeup Monologue: Another blogger told me to get it and I'm so glad I did. It's a great everyday shade!

    @GenkiOriana: I wear purples, but not blue and green. I just get then to play with. And I know what you mean about the tubes, I think it's just different.

    @LisaOrestea: Cool. They're pretty nice.

  4. I love Bane and Corset, they look amazing :) xx

  5. Fantastic swatches! Wow, they look great! A lovely mix of wearable and more funky colours. I really love the pinks and fearless looks amazing! I need to place me an order :D xxx

  6. I really need to try more of her lippies. I have a sample of Silk Stockings and I don't like it at all, it's way too light and frosty for me. I love Fearless though, it's absolutely gorgeous on you too!

  7. Obscurity applies really easily for me but I've noticed on some people it doesn't cover well. I'm not sure what the cause is to go about fixing it.
    Corruption I am working on, I think it might be that the pigment is too light weight in the butters. If I can work it out I'll send you a sample to see if it works better.

    I love your lip swatches!

  8. You do the best lip swatches! They are alway so helpful. Of course being the boring person I am, I am drawn to the pinks. :)

  9. Ohhh lovely! I need Mage and Fearless! Devilista looks great on you. The new tubes are a great idea! I have a few all in the old tubes and they're not terrible but I do find them a bit unwieldy to use. I recommend Ardour and Stiletto!

  10. these r amazing..thanks for the swatches!!

  11. Devilista is calling my name! :D

  12. I have silk stockings, it's fab for just a hint on the lips when you don't want to make a statement... Corset looks like a fab colour too ! Really drawn to it !

  13. Obscurity applied quite well for me in sample form. Do you use a lip brush? Or maybe it's just greater volume-to-surface-area ratio means quicker warming and thus easier application.

  14. Also, Mage looks a lot less blue in your swatch than the store's. In a pretty way. More seafoam and less... dunno what to call it, haha, my nonexistent color vocab.

  15. Thanks for the swatches! I'm psyched about the new tube sizes, and I definitely need to get Corset - perfect berry, dark-ish red, but not too dark. Gorgeous!


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