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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Century: I lied yesterday.

Last Fyrinnae look for a while, I promise! People will think they've paid me or something!

Lid: Fire Opal
Inner crease/inner corner: Polar Bear
Outer Crease: Electro Koi
Lower Lashline: Electro Koi/Fire Opal mixed.
Liner: Gosh Art Liner in... fehhh, it's brown.
Almay Blush in 120 Peach

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path (my new love, swatches soon!)

A few of you asked to see Fire Opal... how gorgeous is it? It looks a deep, coppery brown in the jar but transforms into a deep 'lit-from-within' golden colour with a brown base on the lids. Soooo gorgeous.

There's been a lot of chat bandied around blogs about Fyrinnae at the moment. Did they shut down, are they shutting down, is stuff being discontinued... well, Mr Fyrinnae answers questions here. And I did say it before, but sometimes the Fyrinnae shop does get taken down. As far as I know, this is because they'd rather shut shop than keep people waiting longer for their order, and as far I'm concerned (although I think this was addressed on the blog at some point) lower staffing means we get the awesome products at the awesome price!

I've blogged nine days straight now... should probably do some housework or something...


  1. This is awesome with your hair color! I was wondering about Fyrinnae because I was going to place a small order (Dinosaur Plushie, I needs it) and it kept booting items out of my cart. I'll wait until they get their issues sorted!

  2. Ahmagaaah! Gorgeous look - I love gold and agree that it looks awesome with your hair colour :)

  3. FIRE OPAL :O! So pretty! Loving the brown liner with it too!

  4. So pretty! Loved your Fyrinnae week. There can never be too many Fyrinnae looks :D

  5. I haven't seen Fire Opal on eyelids before - this is so pretty!! I sure hope Fyrinnae finds a chemist soon!

  6. *Just* came across your blog and WHOA BABY you're making me want some Fyrinnae!!!

  7. I really like how you lined :>

  8. Oh wow, Fire Opal IS gorgeous! I'm gonna need to pick that one up next time.

  9. I'm waiting for an order with fire opal so I'm super excited after seeing your eotd! :D

    I'm writing a lot of fyrinnae posts these days as well, so I can understand how addictive it is and how much you probably want to explain the awesomeness of each shadow!!!

  10. Prettyyyyy :-) stay gold

  11. GREAT eyeshadow colours, they look fantastic with your eye and hair colour! Also, I'm lovin' Primrose Path!


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