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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Acid Burns

Ever screwed up a look and then thought ‘Fuck it, I’ll add some fall out and some pink shit?’


I have.






What do you do when your look doesn’t go how you wanted? Wipe it off? Carry on? Go nuts?


  1. When I jack up a look, I tend to cover it with a darker greyish color like Urban Decay Gunmetal and Creep. And if that fails, I yank that mess off and start again lol!

  2. Pink eyebrows ALWAYS equal awesome sauce. How do you do that fallout? I've always wanted to try it but knowing me I'll just end up flicking it into my eye or something ¬¬

  3. LOL, made me laugh!! The times that my look goes wrong is always when getting ready for day at work - and also getting kids ready for school with packed lunches etc, - so NO TIME! I end up trying to scrub it all of and doing something reasonable, and the day always goes wrong from there on in!!!

  4. well, i don't know if you have looked at my blog recently, but "messy" should be my last name, haha! i screw up my makeup intentionally ;D

  5. I actually like the effect of this. It is creative and I could see it as a promo for a high-end makeup brand.

  6. If I mess up, I always just turn it into a dark smokey eye and throw on some glasses instead of contacts haha.

  7. I like it! The fall out looks like it suppose to be there and add a cool effect to the picture! Love the brows ;)

  8. I first go nuts, then I try false lashes.
    If it's still ugly, I wipe it off and don't wear anything that day =)

  9. LOL you're a badass. Usually if I fuck up a look I've botched the crease somehow, so I just try to tone it down with a craptonne of highlighter on the browbone. If it's *really* bad I wipe it off and start again. Either way I spend the day in a grumpy mood :P

  10. If I made a mess I can't correct, I usually take it all off and try again. If I make a mess again, I take it off and get REALLY MAD and don't wear ANY eye-makeup that day. Grr! (This has happened a fair few times haha)

  11. @Melissa: Ooh, I might try a dark colour next time, that makes more sense

    @Aoife: I just put a load of shadow on my brush, tipped my head back and tapped it on.

    @too_busy_to_stitch: That's what it's like with my hair, I always fuck it up when I'm off out!

    @Matti: BS! You're perfection!

    @Kimberely: Awww, shucks, you flatterer!

    @Samantha: I normally wear glasses! They're great for disgusing crazy looks!

    @Eyegraffiti: Yeah, I wish I had pink hair so I had an excuse for the brows more often!

    @Gone2rehabBRB: I did think false lashes first, but I'm trying to work out how to wear this pink mascara I bought!

    @SilhoutteScreams: I normally just wear it all day and look at my face and be sad.

    @Ruthy: Lol, wearing no makeup! Out of spite! I can see myself doing that!

  12. I can only imagine what your entire face looked like: AWESOME. This is too cool.

  13. No, but I will from now on. This is badass.

  14. SWEET! I enjoy the way you deal with a "failed" look! When I eff up a look, I tend to say, "Oh crap I'm running late" and then wear it out. SIGH I'm a bit of a mess.


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