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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Storage! Exciting! YAY!

Well, *I* think it’s exciting – I love looking at how other people store stuff, what they have, what they keep with what…. but then I’m quite lame. Anyway, me and the other half took a trip to Ikea this week to check out a table we want to buy (again, I'm lame) and I intended to pick up a couple of Helmers. I’ve seen these on lots of polish blogs, and though they might be a better solution that what I was using, which was this:


That’s the keyboard shelf of a computer desk. It worked really well for me for a while, but it was overflowing and I have larger items that won’t fit in there now - I couldn't store tall lipsticks, etc, there. So I took out all the cases from my desk. Now I store my baby wipes, hairbrushes, pins, and makeup scrapbook under there. That photo was taken about a year ago... looking at my stash now is actually quite embarrasing! I have a problem, but hey, at least it's not meth.

Anyway, I didn’t like the Helmer in the end – it was much taller than I expected and as we don’t have a car, it would have been a right bugger getting them home as they're quite hefty . So I ended up picking up a couple of Lennarts – deeper drawers, not so tall and a a third of the price! These were just under £9 each, I don’t remember the exact amount. I’m not after pretty, I’m after functional, so these looked perfect!

I'm going to pretend that they're futuristic and sci-fi rather than boring. I got two, so let’s have a butchers at what I’ve shoved in them - I'm sure this will get re-arranged!

Drawer one: Sleek, Inglot and Wet & Wild palettes, random single eyeshadows, shadesticks, cream and gel liners

Drawer 2: Indie jars and samples. I need to buy another tray for these as they’re double stacked now, and I need a new sample storage other than ‘bag.’Any suggestions? I was using pill organizers to depot them all but that's not really working so well either!

Drawer three: Glitter, glitter liners, blood and latex, sequins, sticky-back plastic for stencilling, Aquacolours and Greasepaints. This is my favourite drawer - I rarely go in here but when I do I know it's going to be for something awesome!

And the second stack:

Drawer one: Tray of lipstick, tray of glosses and balms/stains/Intertubes, etc. I have totally run out of room for lipsticks. These are squuuuuuuueezed in there! I know they're going to overflow at some point.

Drawer two: Blushes and tray of Barry M Dazzle Dusts (I don’t want these to live in here, but this was the only space left! )

Drawer three: False lashes! I guess I could put my Barry M in here but I LOVE having an entire drawer full of obnoxious false eyelashes.

Well, that’s how I’m storing my crap now. The stuff I reach for every day still lives on my desk – my foundation, powder, primers, brows and mascara. My liners and brushes also still live on my desk, and of course all the stuff I have in my kit lives seperately (Although I do use some stuff from the kit on myself sometimes – for example, my 120 palette and Inglot neutral palettes are kit stuff, but I pull them out now and then.)

How do you store your stash?


  1. Love storage posts!!This is a great one hun!!And what a collection!!


  2. What are the feather lashes in the top left hand corner of the last picture? They are fantastic!!!

  3. Love the drawers :) glad your stash is just as bad as mine makes me sleep better at night :P

  4. I LOVE the Lennarts... we have two of them, I use one for my makeup but I may switch out my old plastic case to use the second one as well. Just don't overfill the drawers, they'll tip out when you pull them open! (Speaking from experience ><). Anyway, yummy stash. We'll have to do a collection video for TMH.

  5. I love looking at storage too, no shame here. Very nice, not boring at all.

  6. I love when everything fits together and stores in a way that fits a space. I don't think there's anything wrong with that ;) Looks like you have a good thing going. :)

  7. Ooh, hello Lennart! I NEED a couple of these. I have the open shelves that match Lennart in my bathroom for all my lotions and potions.

  8. Love the Lennarts! I think they do have a futuristic, sci-fi feel to them. :)

  9. Woo-hoo for Ikea! I just bought some storage from there as well. My makeup and nail polish used to reside in 5 traincases but these are much better for travel than they are for storage. I can't wait to organize my new drawers! (NERD!)


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