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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Zombie Tutorial–Rotten Mouth!

zombie mouth makeup

Hey everyone! A reader contacted me a while ago and asked for a tutorial of a zombie look I did for Makeup Zombie’s blog a while back. Even though I’m not really an expert at this sort of thing at all, I thought I’d give it another go – it’s actually pretty simple, and it’s really fun.

I used Kryolan Aqua Colours (you can subsitute these with greasepaints, eyeshadows/eyeliners, or just halloween makeup) liquid latex (if you don’t have or can’t get this, Duo lash glue will work as well), a white pencil to draw the guidelines, some single-ply tissue (tear it up into small strips), and a red lipstick (optional, you can use whatever colour you want, or none if you’re a dude) and foundation. I also used two types of fake blood, because they’re new and I wanted to play. Thick Blood is an almost jelly-like substance, and looks like it’s just starting to scab, whereas, funnily enough Fresh Scab looks more like fresh blood. Again, you can use stuff from the Halloween store but be aware that that stuff more often that not stains. Make sure you have something like a small disposable spatula or a brush you don’t care about for the latex (I used one of the crappy little brushes from an eyeshadow palette.)
Sorry that I have awful acne in these photos, but I can’t be bothered to convincingly shop tons of photos for a gross tutorial.
Using the light pencil, sketch out your wound. Make sure it joins up with your real mouth – you want the design to cover one half of your lips.
Sketch in some teeth. It’s really hard to draw accurate looking teeth, but unless you’re a genius this isn’t going to look realistic, so just make sure you don’t add extra teeth. Make sure you draw the teeth in over your lips as well.

Start colouring that shit in! Remember, you’re supposed to be a zombie, so you don’t want Hollywood teeth! Add a tiny bit of brown/sand shadow/paint to them so they don’t look too pretty.
Latex time! Across the top of your ‘mouth’, add a thin line of latex/lash glue.
Place a thin strip of tissue along the glue, pinching it and rolling it where necessary. Remember we're not going for pretty. Work quickly so you can move the tissue over the wet latex.
Build up the latex/tissue until you're happy,but make sure that some tissue ‘flaps’ over where you’ve drawn your teeth in.
‘Poking’ up and under the tissue, fill in the wound with a red colour.
And start getting gory! Add your blood and scabs and whatnot.
Once that’s done, cover ALL of your tissue in foundation – including all the nooks and crannies - and blend it in to your skin. If you don't want to be skin coloured, you can go green, or add more blue/yellow/purple tones to make you look more rotted and bruised. Go back and add more blood if you’d like – I ran a little black shadow over some places to darken it.

If you want, you can paint thin layers of latex on other spots of the face. After 3-5 layers, you can peel it off and create flaps of skin and open wounds. Fill these in with blood/scabs as well.

And now you're pretty much done!

Just add some lipstick!
Sorry about the non-zombie make-up on the rest of my face – I was baking! Hee hee.

1 – A smaller wound on each side, with ‘rolls’ of tissue – the Joker!
2 -Paint green aaaaall over the face for a more cartoon-y zombie.
3- A neater mouth, with less latex – Mobscene!

Let me know if you like and if you want me to try an attempt anything else for Halloween!


  1. Oh GOsh.... lovely zombie.... :)

    beautiful... Scary pic.... lolz

  2. Love this! I wanted to do something like that when I did a zombie look a few days ago, but I wasn't sure how. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Lol, that looks so real and freaky. Nice!

  4. The gorier, the better. You KNOW I love this!!! So awesome. :-)

  5. Zombeh nom nom nom. I wish I had more experience with SFX makeup!

  6. This is AWESOME! I'm going to be doing my son up as a mummy for halloween so this is perfect. I'm going to have fun practising on him

  7. I still haven't let go of my dream of being a mOBSCENE girl...

  8. That's crazy! It totally reminds me of the cover of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Well done!

  9. I really want to go as a zombie for halloween especially now that I know I can use lash glue if I dont get time to get latex. Thanks hun!

  10. I love this thanks for the tutorial. I won't be doing this at halloween put I may use the lash glue and tissue to do some blood covered wounds. I had been wondering what to use xxx

  11. haha amazing! And the face-pic where you stand totally normal but with this grin was the top!
    Nice to have a tutorial on these kind of make up, never tried it though! so thanks!

  12. omg thats fricken awesome! would love to do theatrical makeup one day <3

  13. Omg!! This is so freakin scary!! Great job :D

  14. Oh my! That's so.... gross! (And yet so hot from the virtue of being gross, if you know what I mean?) =D

  15. Neat! This actually looks like I might be able to attempt it! Great tutorial!

  16. Ahhh that is just awesome, you've pulled it off so well!


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