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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Quickie Review: Rockalily Lipstick in Roulette Red

When I first heard about the launch of Rockalily Lipstick way back when, I was quite excited! I liked the idea of a capsule collection of lippies specifically geared towards pin-up girls, and as the owner, ReeRee Rockette, is a London girl, I knew I could tick my 'small local business' box and feel a bit smug if I bought one. I'm not too sure about the development of these lippies - all the site says is that they've been selected by ReeRee, so these aren't an indie lipstick in the sense of being formulated and hand-made by a small business. If I find out more I will update.

Anyway.. a week or so ago I decided it was about time I got off my arse and bought one! I chose Roulette Red.


Cute packet! It's a nice touch that it says what it is on the outside, it makes you excited to open it. I ordered this on Friday morning and recieved it on Monday morning which I think is pretty awesome!


An adorable box - very rockabilly - and some promotional gumph with some lovely photos. I had no idea what these boxes looked like and I did a bit of a squee. It's going to stay on my pin-board with my MAC/Wonder Woman box sleeve, because I'm sad like that.



The lipstick itself is in a sleek black case - it feels sturdy and the printing is good. And it has a cute heart on it! So thumbs up for the packaging.

Yum, yum! Lovely blue-based red! It looks a touch glossier than it does in real life, especially with the flash on, but while it’s billed as a matte, it’s not as matte as, say, MAC Russian Red.

I'm getting pretty decent wear out of this - especially if I apply lightly with a doe-tip applicator first and then go over with the bullet itself (my new favourite way of applying lipstick, thanks to Blix!). The bullet is quite slim with a tapered end, which is amazing for application. Anyway, I'm writing this at 1.00 and it's lasted since 8.00 through a (albei very careful) munching of a cinnamon bun. When it does fade, I do get the ‘lipstick ring,’ but while the formula does dry down somewhat, it's not dried my lips out yet which is great. A MAC or a Sleek matte will become uncomfortable for me by the end of the day, and I'll have to take it off.

My only gripe with this is the price – personally I think £14 is very expensive for a lipstick, but then again, I'm a  massive tightarse. I don't think the price point is bad, though - most rockabilly girls are obsessed with the perfect red, and when you consider the prices of high end lipsticks, it's pretty reasonable.  I do think this is a quality product, though, and I know I'll be back for another colour very soon - I've got my eye on Hot Rod Red, which is orange based.
Rockalily lipsticks are available here.


  1. Such a pretty color on your lips ^_^

  2. OOh I love the box too. I kept my dame edna, wonder woman and venomous villains boxes :)

  3. Me likey. Me no likey the price, lol.

  4. Lol, I can understand the bit about being a financial tight-arse. I only splurge when I absolutely have to. No need to go all out when there are lots of other nice red shades out there for a quarter of the price. Nice review though, thanks for sharing!

  5. seems like a good long-lasting lipstick, and that's precisely what you need when the colour is that strong.
    really good review, and I'll try the applying tip you shared!

  6. Pretty expensive! But I think it would make a nice present or special treat :) I think my sister would really like this too so one may be in her stocking :p

  7. That red looks like the perfect red for fair skinned ladies such as ourselves. But why, oh why, must it be UK-based and unreachable for those of us in the States! ;-( *cries*

  8. Love your lips! That color looks great on you.

  9. Thanks for your review Robyn!

    @Mandy - although I am London based, I do ship to the states, for the same cost (just takes a little longer).

  10. UNFFFFFF. It looks so good, especially in the flash photo. I want to smear it all over my face.

  11. What a gorgeous red! I think it is kind of silly that this is priced so high when the company didn't even formulate the lipstick.

  12. It's very pretty and sounds like it's a good formula but £14 is too much for me, especially as the colours aren't too unusual.


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