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Monday, 10 October 2011

Shop your Stash: Wet and Wild Looks

Last week I made an effort to use some of my Wet and Wild which hadn’t had much love from me recently. This is what I came up with:


Using the ‘Dancing in the Clouds’ trio with MUA pink mascara on the lower lashline



Both using the ‘Petal Pusher’ 8 pan which Rachael very kindly picked up for me from  her trip to the States.

Using the ‘Night Elf’ 6 pan palette. Love the red in this!


Using the single colours Nutty (lid) and Envy (crease and lower lashline), which is a great alternative to MAC Humid.  A touch of light gold from Night Elf on the inner corner.

I love Wet n Wild eyeshadows. Love, love, love. Apart from the fact I usually have to get my crack dealer (Wendy)  to pick them up for me, I can’t fault them. The mattes are excellent quality, there are some great MAC dupes in the range, range from singles to eight-pan palettes, and apart from an odd dud and questionable suggested placements of certain shadows, I've got nothing negative to say about them.  Come to the UK please, Wet n’ Wild!


  1. I love all ze looks, but the one with the red in the crease is mega cute ^__^ and wtf you're wearing pink mascara, Y U NO look sick with it? Not fair. :P

  2. I'm sure we used to have Wet n Wild, because I have a lipstick of theirs. Not seen them in aages though, but I think they used to be in Superdrug. Before they got good, obvs.

  3. Man I really need to swatch the 20 million WNW pans I bought in USA!

  4. Ooooh, I like all of them! The pink mascara one is cute, and so is the bottom one.

  5. I really love the look with the green in it. Also, that pink mascara is so neat! I've never seen pink mascara before.


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