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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Evil From Beyond Collection

Hi everyone! So sorry I’ve been a bit of a slack Alice on the posting front – lots of things going on in Robyn land this week. But I managed to swatch the fabulousness that is Hi-Fi’s 2011 Hallowe’en offering. I utterly adored last years Hallowe’en collection and the sample sets from Hi-Fi are a pretty good deal so I couldn’t not grab these.

Swatched on bare skin on the top and Pixie Epoxy below.



L-R: A Demon in Your Bed ,The Vampire Club , Book of Lore, Supulchre,  Hell Hath No Fury.

A Demon In Your Bed and Book of Lore look very similar here, but BOL is a deep murky green whereas ADIYB is pretty much a straight up charcoal colour. I’m in love with Hell Hath No Fury – its got lots of green glitter and a beautiful glow to it. Sepulchre is a very nice murky silver and I don’t think I need to say much else about The Vampire club other than I have a ton of looks planned for it already!




L-R: Bela Lugosi, Miss Fortune, A Vampire Scorned, Straight to The Devil , Damned Soul

Click to enlarge this one! I wasn’t really looking forward to A Vampire Scorned as I have lots of metallic reds and they never get used, but this one has lots of tiny purple glitter and larger gold glitter throughout – subtle but stunning. Straight to The Devil stole my heart right away (although with all the red glitter to me it screams Christmas!) and Miss Fortune is gorgeous. I thought it was very similar to Darling Girl Honey Pot but it reads much more green than Honey Pot does. Bela Lugosi is stunning – a light, bright pinky purple that I can’t wait to use as a highlight colour. I probably won’t use Damned Soul all that much as I’m not a huge fan of glittery blacks, but if you are, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s BLACK!


A few looks? Okay!



Bela Lugosi on the lid, Vampire Club in the crease, Book of Lore on the lashlines.


Hell Hath No Fury on the lid, Damed Soul on the lash lines.


Miss Fortune in the crease, Straight to The Devil on the lid and A Vampire Scorned as liner.


I’ve not got as much chance to play with these as I like, but rest assured they’ll be making some appearances soon!


Did you buy any Hallowe’en collections? What are your favourite Hi-Fi products?


  1. Very cool Halloween appropriate looks. The last one there would be perfect for a Robin costume a la Batman & Robin.

  2. Great swatches, I love the look of the metallic red, very hot

  3. I think I am realizing that you are a fan of green eyeshadows. When you said "Straight to the Devil" stole your heart right away, and your comment about Verdant Green from the upcoming DG collection, I finally made the connection. LOL

  4. Oh fudge that middle look is fantastic!

  5. I love the look you did with Bela Lugosi! Very pretty.


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