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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Lotso

Vijaya gave me Lotso from Toy Story 3 to do this week. I freakin’ hate that arsehole bear. Although, as a purple and pink thing, I will gladly take him on as makeup inspiration. I gave Vijaya Hades from Hercules for her character this week – one of my favourite villains!

 Pictured: A douchebag.


Eyes: Pink and purple shadows: 120 palette. Cream (highlight, inner 1/3 of lid): Sleek Bohemian. Sugarpill Lumi: Inner corner. Darling Girl Flush Glitter, Collection 2000 Extreme Liner: Liner.
Cheeks: Darling Girl Azalea
Lips: Sleek matte lipstick in Mystic

I really LOVE how this look turned out! I very rarely wear pink – especially on my cheeks – but the purple liner and glitter kept it funky for me. I know I strayed quite far away from the character – I should have gone with a more purpley pink. Ahhhh well.


  1. i LOVE that sparkly purple eyeliner

  2. i think the lips and cheeks really made this look complete. the eyes was super too, but when i saw the shade of your lips made this bear look sooo good!

  3. OMG! Bright PINK!!! So pretty, Robyn.

    Also, hated Lotso, too. He was so mean to Big Baby!

  4. Yay! I think you look amazing in pink. You cheeks looks especially lover-ly. And the liner, too. I've been dying for some glitter liner!

  5. This is gorgeous. I love the colors you used, and the liner!

  6. Love this! You did a great job!!

  7. Wow, so so gorgeous! Azalea looks amazing on you and I am pretty sure I need that Sleek lipstick. :P

  8. Yesssssssssssssss! That liner is perfect. I love this so much.

  9. GAH this is AMAZING. <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. This look is so ELECTRIC! But most definitely perfect for Lotso. I hated him as well. How can such a grandpa-ish looking bear be so heartless?? >;-(

    (Admittedly I also cried twice in Toy Story 3...)

  11. OMG I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!!!! That purple glitter is fucking sick!!! Ahhhh!! now i needs to copy it! lol

  12. OH MY! Wear pink more often!!! I am jealous of your blending skillz. Also, the purple glitter eyeliner is brilliant with the eyeshadows.

  13. Gorgeous! I love the eyeliner and that pink is so very pink *___*
    But that bear is a hideous freak bastard. I don't understand why so many people wanted to buy the toy of him. I'd never trust him.


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