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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Looks

I’ve seriously neglected my Hi-Fi colours of late, which is very foolish of me as I have so many beautiful colours from them. If you’ve not tried Hi-Fi, I’d really recommend them, the shadows apply like a dream and they have a huge range to choose from. So without further ado, here are some photos of my eyeballs with Hi-Fi schtuffs on them!





Hi-Fi Creeper on the lid, Phantom Stranger on the inner corner (both Halloween 2010), Inglot Pearl 402 in the crease and lower lashline. Lips are MUA 11.



Lid, Hi-Fi Between the Stars and Ulta Gel Liner in Ink. Lower lashline, Hi-Fi Another Day Another Drama over Sleek Kajal Liner in Odyssey. Brow highlight, Hi-Fi Mornings of Gold. BTS and MOG are from the Labyrinth collection.




Lid, #1 hit Single. Outer V/lower lashline,Hi-Fi Dark Carnival. Hi-Fi Omen in the crease. Brow highlight is the white from Sleek Acid.

Well, sorry for the dodge full face photos and the shitty close-ups from the last look – I spent time on my makeup that morning (i.e, more than ten minutes) and almost forgot to take pictures before I was out of the door! But see what I mean about the pretties?

I’ll have swatches from the Evil From Beyond (Halloween 2011) collection up soon, as well as more hi-Fi looks (shall I do a Love Week for Hi-Fi?!) so keep your eyeballs peeled. You can see swatches of last years Halloween awesomeness here.


  1. You are so gorgeous it sickens me! The prettyfulness! It burns! Sorry, I'm in a bit of a feisty mood. Amazing looks as always, Ms Robyn. :)

  2. Gorgeous, esp the last one. Glad you did a Hi-Fi post. I never seem to give mine any love.

  3. i like all of them, my fave being the middle

  4. I adore that green/pink look! (The first one)... so subtle, so pretty!!

  5. Ahhh love HiFi, so awesome! Their greens are beautiful :)

  6. Can I haz marriage with u?

  7. The sheeny shiny lilac in the second look is beautiful on you! And your liner is perfect.

  8. you're a killer eyeliner chic! Such long wing is amazing on you! Completes the face in some way...
    Stunning anyhow!

  9. Oh god you are a walking work of art - amazing green shadow!!! Thank you so much for your good wishes darling girl:)) xoxo

  10. great makeup looks! love your blog :))

  11. I love the soft green lid in the first look. Don't ever stop doing winged eyeliner, it suits you so well.

  12. i love your brows! regards from vienna!


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