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Friday, 21 October 2011

Shop your Stash: Samples!

At the start of the the week, I swore I was going to use some unloved shadow samples everyday. However, I had a couple of awful nasty early mornings, which means a mascara and lipstick day, so there’s just three looks here - I can’t deal with doing my makeup with no daylight. Anyway, a long time ago I started to store my samples in pill organisers, which I soon gave up because it just takes up way too much room. I don’t really reach for them any more, but I’m going to try because I rediscovered some gorgeous colours.

Evil Shades Gift River on the lid, Glamour Doll Eyes Drag Queen in the crease, Evil Shades Suffocation on the inner corner and Sleek black on the outer v. Mac Gesso as a brow highlight.

Sugarpill Lumi on the lid and inner corner, The She Space Oh You Jealous Girl on the crease, Sleek purple from Acid palette on both lash lines. Mac Gesso as a brow highlight.


The She Space Angels Blush on the lid, The She Space Gothic Glamor on the lower lash line and lightly in the crease and Evil Shades Lagniappe (sp?) for liner.

I need to give a few things from my stash some love… would you guys like to see looks from Sleek Acid or some Hi Fi looks? Let me know!


  1. Great looks, especially the first. Drag Queen is a gorgeous shade on you.

    Love to see some Hi Fi looks. As if we'd say no!

  2. Both! Although I don't think I've seen any Sleek Acid on the blogs I follow. I love the first look-- I need to figure out ways of using different colors together like you do with it. Maybe get some dice and roll them or something haha

  3. Good idea I know I need to start going through what I have :| would love to see Hi Fi looks

  4. Oooh, I love the first look. Gift River looks gorgeous with the crease color.

    Hm, can I be selfish and say I would like to see both? The more Robyn I get, the better.

  5. I really like the second look, I may just have to copy it!

  6. I really really love all of them, but that first look reminds me of taffy! I may have to try it. YUM.

  7. That first one, wow. Your eyebrows are looking mighty fine too!

  8. Gorgeous! What a great idea, using your neglected samples. I may have to do that with mine. I bet I'll find some favourites in there once I start digging.

  9. I love that first look you did, because you blended it all so well together!!!!

  10. This post is nothing but awesome. Love the first look!

  11. They're all so pretty - but the Lumi/Oh You Jealous Girl is my fave!

  12. I really love the bold colour combo in the first look! YUM! I'd love to see what you'll come up with using the Sleek Acid palette. I know you've done stuff with it before but there are so many possibilities....


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