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Friday, 3 January 2014

Quickie Review and Swatches: Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet

 God damnit, I can’t resist the Velvetines*. Bold matte colours that don’t budge an inch are pretty much my bag. Even when I'm wizened and old, I want to be wearing this sort of slap.  Luckily for us makeup lovers, more and more of these ‘velvet’ products are popping up on the scene, including more budget friendly options. which is fab as the Velvetines sell out pretty often and can be harder to get hold of if you don’t live in the US.
Lime Crime Pink Velvet Swatch
Lime Crime Pink Velvet
Oooh, isn’t that lovely? Super bright! For those of you who haven’t used this type of product before, it’s a liquid lipstick that goes on wet and dries very quickly into a budge-proof matte product. And these things really *are* budge proof! If you want a lip colour and are planning on eating, light snogging, swimming (?!) or are going to be without a chance to touch up, these are going to see you through the day. I don't find these that drying for a matte, but I'd recommend prepping your lips beforehand, as I would with all matte lipsticks.
wear test
This is a terrible picture that I took when I was dicking about with my new camera, but as you can tell, this is from Christmas Day. I’d eaten a LOT of food at that point, and it’s still clinging on for dear life. If you need a colour that isn’t going anywhere, this will tick the box. Luckily removal has never been a pain in the arse for me, but an oil based lip remover (or like, pesto) will take it straight off if you're having trouble.
Lime Crime Pink Velvet Packaging
Lime Crime Velvetines
As per previous offerings, the product comes in a frosted glass effect tube with a doefoot applicator but they’ve changed the design on the lid. I don’t know if the rose design is going to be rolled out across all the colours or just for this shade, but I have to say I prefer the older design which I think is very sweet.
In the UK, Velvetines are £13.50 from lovemakeup.
Do you like this sort of lip product? What’s your favourite bright pink?

* I don't like the way the company owner or the company conducts themselves in lots of ways, but if I use a product from a company I can't really let myself be affected by that, or I shouldn't have bought it in the first place really should I? I’d always recommend Googling any new company you buy from, particularly if you like to support small businesses or like to use vegan/cruelty free products.


  1. Looks fab on you lady, I also love the just putting it on and no messing

  2. "Or pesto", hahahaha!

    I'm still wary about buying from Lime Crime. Lucky for me, Australis have done a product called Velour Lips in 5 colours... including PURPLE. Which is the one I bought, natch. Probably will go back for the red soon.

    1. I'll only buy the Velvetines from them really. I bought one out of curiosity and really, really like the formula so I got the others too. MUA have dupes for all of the colours here now, and Sleek have some as well, which is awesome! I've wasted so much money on buying stuff when I should have stuck to what I know that I just feel safer getting my old favorites now. Although saying that I'll end up buying all the MUA ones anyway ;)

  3. I too have major guilts about buying anything from Doe Deere, but I love the red Velvetine and this one will too be mine. I tried the MUA ones and love the purple shade, but overall they smell like next morning vodka breath. I'd have happily paid another quid for them to make it smell like vanilla.

    1. The Sleek one I have doesn't smell bad, but I think they only have a red and purple? And I find that they don't layer up very well.


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