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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Some Recent Makeup Work/Publications

Thought I would share a few pretties here with you! The latter half of 2013 was quite quiet for me on the makeup front due to other commitments. but I’ve been very lucky that the shoots I have done have all been fabulous and I've come away with lovely memories and a few publications to boot!

Model: Abby Munro
MUAH: Robyn Skinner
Richard Powazynski
Published in FJORDE Magazine. Click here to read for free.
(The model in black and white is our work, as is the blonde model in the bottom-left corner. They’re both Abby!)
Model: Abby Munro
MUAH: Robyn Skinner
Richard Powazynski
Published in Kultur Mag.
Finally got some images back from a shoot with an amazing team this summer – everyone involved was so talented, so it's wonderful to see some publications come from everyone’s hard work. Please check everyone linked above out, their work is so beautiful! I was very honoured to work with the team.

6R3B7328 With Credits
6R3B7304 With Credits

6R3B7370 With Credits

Models: Kelly Knox and Labonya Siddiqui
Photographer: Gavin Kemp
MUAH: Robyn Skinner

A really interesting shoot, this one. Inspired by the iconic United Colors of Benetton shoots from the late 80’s and early 90’s, the photographer wanted to explore diversity. Kelly was born without her left forearm and Labonya is a burns survivor so each model brought a different perspective to the shot in terms of how we perceive people's beauty. It was really sobering to hear Labonya’s story and I hope the images go some way to showing that physical differences don’t make anyone less beautiful.  You may have seen Kelly on Britain's Missing Top Model and How To Look Good Naked.

Wrath Reloaded headshotsWrath Reloaded headshotsWrath Reloaded headshots

shoot name :: Wrath Reloaded … or the fifth Deadly Thing
photography & set design :: Marco Fazio at mjfstudio
filmmaker :: Patricia Vilani at Suspicious Behaviour
filmmaker :: Paul Sunich at Tracer7Films
art director :: Strawberry Love at mjfstudio
fashion designer :: Marianna Nardin at Blackmirror Design
make-up artist & hair stylist :: Robyn Skinner
art consultant :: Iggy Passenger
set design consultant :: Claudia Parker
construction coordinator :: Urim Mripa at DOT Bespoke
CGI designer :: Marco Vacca
key scenic :: Michal Mackiewicz
assistant photographer :: Debora Palazzo
assistant photographer :: Alfredo Ezquerra Sanchez
assistant photographer :: Laurent Azemi
assistant videographer :: Yhago Maia
model, arms & armour scholar :: Bella White
model :: Elena Miriam Tun
model :: Champ Imi
location and set construction :: courtesy of DOT Bespoke, London (UK)
oxidised finish for backdrop panel :: courtesy of Metropolis by IVAS, San Mauro Pascoli (Italy)

I absolutely loved everything about this shoot! Everyone worked so hard and really pulled it all together! The concept was 'Wrath,' with a baroque influence and references to Caravaggio and Italian art. I loved designing the hair and makeup for this shoot and making sure each character fit the bill and complimented each other and the concept nicely.

Well, that's all I have to show for now, but there's plenty more coming soon! Thank you for looking at my little artistic endeavours and please check out the work of all the lovely people linked here!


  1. Top banana!!!!:). I bet there'll be much more of your stuff getting published this year too!!!!!!

  2. Great work, thank you so much for sharing this! What creative concepts!

  3. Great work!!! I really like the photos with Kelly and Labonya, I think we need to see more images like this in popular media


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