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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


(there's a wee NSFW shot at the end of this 'ere post...)

Last night I attended the ZOMG! bloggers bash in London. The meetup was co-hosted by ReeRee Rockette/Rockalily and Zozo/LondonLipGloss and was a celebration of all things social media as well as a bit of a launch of ZOMG!, the new Rockalily colour.

It was a fun night, even though I was terribly awkward! I've never been to a bloggers event before and I went on my tod! I met some lovely bloggers, including the lovely Sparklzandshine, whose blog I have been reading for a while and love. I spent a while chatting to the girls from Illamasqua about social media and thier branding and just how awesome Illamasqua is generally. There were SO many beautiful girls there so I hope people didn't think I was a wierd perv - there were just some great outfits and hair! If there's another event I will need to make more of an effort!

There was a lot going on! We started off with a bloggers bingo, trying to find bloggers who were wearing a certain colour, who did/didn't make youtube videos, who had a twitter name starting with vowel, etc. It was a nice ice breaker!


... gorgeous hats from Little Miss B. How beautiful is the leopard pillbox hat? Gorgeous! There were hats and wigs and you could get your photo taken.


L-R :  Mae Hem, Pompadour Pink, Hot Rod Red, Mans Ruin, Sailors Beware, Mermaid, ZOMG!

mae hem
Me wearing Mae Hem – I need this colour!
Of course I spent a good amount of time at the lipstick stand - I only have one lipstick from Rockalily and I need more now! It was so nice to actually swatch lipsticks that are only available online. I really want Hot Rod Red and Mae Hem now.

There were a few of these floating around.. everyone leaving thier mark! I kind of want all my friends to do one for me to hang in my makeup room!

I didn't get photos of the amazing hair being done by Miss Honey Bare, or Tigz Rice's pop-up photo booth, or the cupcakes by Temptations Creations.. there was a LOT going on!

And now to the best part... I didn't even realise there would be burlesque dancers! YAY! Below is the amazing Rubyyy Jones, who did a hilarious routine where she was pretending to have webcam sex. Oh, lord, I was in stiches. I'll definitely keep an eye on her and go to watch her again.


And here is my new girlfriend, Miss Banbury Cross. These pictures suck balls because she is honestly the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. She wiggled her boobies at me and I nearly fainted. Go and see her!

Banbury Cross

banbury cross 2

Well, that was my night! I'd definitely hit it up if there were another one!


  1. Aw I'm so pleased you enjoyed all of the activities, and of course I had hoped the surprise burlesque would go down well! x

  2. Wow it looks so awesome, I'd love to go to something like this!

  3. Super photos! I love your earrings by the way.

  4. Twas lovely to meet you too gorgeous lady! x

  5. Ah! Looks like you looked lovely yourself Robyn!! Glad you had a good time xx

  6. Omg those earrings. Want. Sounds like a super fun evening :D

  7. Great post! I think Banbury now has many girlfriends after last night's performance.

  8. Ooooh this looked like you had fun! I wish we could have something like that here.

  9. Fab post, lovely to meet you

  10. Looks like an amazing evening!

  11. Looks like you have had a truly lovely night.
    Love the sound of this blogger bingo! xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  12. This sounds like so much fun! I took a burlesque dance class in my former life, I would have loved to have seen some professionals at work! What a neat way to meet other bloggers and "talk shop" :)

  13. wow, this sounds like a great experience. and hey, a beauty bloggers party and you saw a lot of beautiful outfits and hairstyles. no great make up!? ;)
    only good memories from this party huh! i can only imagine!//Azure

  14. Looks like you had a great night. I'm glad you enjoyed trying on our wigs. xx


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