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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year! LOTN and my new tattoo!

Happy New Year, one and all! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years – mine was awesome. We had a Murder Mystery party last night, swapped Secret Santa presents and proceeded to get rather tipsy. 2011 didn’t really do it for me, so I’m looking forward to this year!


Here’s my look from last night – I didn’t really want to do the traditional all-out glitter look, so I, er, didn’t.







Eyes: Lid, crease and highlight shades from Sleek Storm Palette. Waterline, Kiko Longlasting Stick Eyeshadow in 10. Lashlines, Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Superior. Upper lashline, MAC glitter in Reflects Black.
Cheeks: MUA Blusher Shade 2, Accessorize Baked Blusher in Pretty Pink
Lips: Barry M lipliner in 102, Hard Candy Glossaholic in Lush

I loved this look – gutted it was dark by the time I finished it, as I couldn’t get a decent eye closeup.

I can’t be bothered to do a whole post of all the lovely stuff I got for Christmas, but here are a few goodies that I got! I also got a lovely pair of boots from my fiancé which will be in an OOTD very soon.

betsey johnson octopus necklace

Betsey Johnson octopus from my sister! HOW CUTE IS HE?!

Iron Fist

Iron Fist ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ shoes from my Mummy and Daddy. (Ha ha, you have to look at my feet!)


And my Christmas present to me, a Stay Beautiful tattoo! It’s on the inside of my upper left arm.  It didn’t hurt too bad and only took about 20 minutes to boot! And yes, it *is* my blog name, but I didn’t get it because of that. I named my blog for my favourite Manic Street Preachers song. If you like your men covered in paint and paying guitars, you’re welcome:


  1. I love that Manics song and love Manics <3 Your tattoo is beautiful! I named my blog after my fave band's song too :D

  2. you look good in smokey eyes! i love those shoes, and your tattoo is beautiful. i like that it's also the name of your blog. :)

  3. Happy new year! Beautiful makeup look :) wow I love tattoos! It's beautiful^^

  4. Love the tattoo. Iron Fist shoes rock :) Happy New Year! x

  5. Beautiful look! Love those shoes! And yay for a new tattoo! I have my next one planned out, but haven't had time to get to a tattoo artist to draw it up for me! Happy New Year! Sounds like you had fun last night!

  6. :) Love the make up and tattoo lady, happy new year!
    I promised myself I'd get my first tattoo for my 25th and then for being kept on at MAC. Make me do it, hold me to it! Love them sooo much! x

  7. Oh my gosh, that necklace just made my day, so adorable! Happy new year, cute makeup look, and lovely tattoo!

  8. The Betsey Johnson Necklace is so adorable! The makeup looks awesome and so does your tattoo :)

  9. Happy 2012! Your eye makeup looked amazing! Your shows and the necklace are adorable and I really like your tattoo.

  10. Love the grey and brown eyeshadows :) Awesome pressies, especially the shoes!

  11. gorgeous NYE look! and my gosh, those shoes was so easy to love! and I hope your 2012 will get better!

  12. Hmm, wonder if I could steal those shoes without anyone noticing????

  13. Unfff smokey and hot and I love the green waterline. And OMG I want that necklace and I love your tattoo <3

  14. the shoes, the tatt, you, the band... hawtness overload!

  15. Nice tattoo! Your family has excellent taste in shoes and jewelry!

  16. As if I needed more inspiration for a tattoo! I have big love for the manics, big big love and that is just a STUNNING tatt.

    The shoes are pretty awesome too ;)


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