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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Top 5 blushes

This post is sort of cheating, because I’ve lost one of my other favourite blushes, Darling Girl Fuji. So… sorry for lying, but I wanted to write this post anyway, and I probably would have had to do a top 6 if I could find it!

blush faves

Clockwise from top, Inglot AMC Cream Blush in 88, Almay Blush in Peach 130, Accessorize Baked Blusher in Pretty Pink, Sleek Suede, Darling Girl Boardwalk.

blsuh faves 2

blush faves 3

L-R: Sleek Suede, Inglot 88, Almay Peach 130, Accessorize Pretty Pink, Darling Girl Boardwalk.

Sleek Suede:


Sleek Suede was released with the Nude collection (although it’s permanent, whee!). It’s a lovely peachy-brown, great for red heads and a bargain at £4.29. One of my favourites, I tend to use this at least twice a week. I’m also wearing it on the eyes and mixed with gloss in this photo!

Inglot AMC Blush in 88


Beautifully subtle colour for when I’m absolutely stuck for a colour choice as it goes with everything! I also use it as a light contour. These are the nicest formula of cream blush I’ve ever tried – they’re dead natural looking on the skin, super creamy and not greasy like some blushes, and a tiny bit goes a long way. I do need to set with a translucent powder or another blush for best longevity, but still an utter bargain at £9.

Almay Blush Peach 130


This, if I had to pick just one, is my favourite blush of all time. Bright without being scary, it goes with almost everything and lifts my complexion. I bought this for the measly sum of a quid in the pound shop and I am devastated that I’ll probably never find it again, so if you can think of a good alternative I will hug and kiss you A LOT.

Accessorize Pretty Pink


I mainly use this as a highlighter as it gives a beautiful glow. Screw all the MAC MSFs (this is supposedly a Moon River dupe) and what not, this costs bugger all at a fiver and is beautiful if you want just a hint of colour (for pale ladies!) and a gorgeous glow. I’m wearing it here with MUA blusher in shade 2 (an honourable mention, I must say) but if you enlarge the picture you can see the Accessorize blush. Laaaaaahve.

Darling Girl Boardwalk


A lovely bright coral – I’ve repurchased the mini size and really need to man up and buy the full size when this runs out. I really like how buildable this is – you can really amp it up if you want – and I’ve got compliments on this blush before, which is quite an odd thing to compliment someone on, I suppose, if you’re not a makeup junkie! Anyway, I love it, the quality is fantastic as with all DG blushes and it’s dead cheap.


Honourable mentions are MUA Shade 2, Stila Custom Color in Coral, MAC Springsheen and Darling Girl Fantasia.


What are your favourite blushes?


  1. These are all really pretty blushes - I like the variety! All of my favorite blushes are corals - I'm trying to branch out, but corals are just so flattering on me, and I'm so drawn to them! I really like Smashbox Smashing Publish (discontinued), MUFE HD Quickie, and I really want (but don't own) Illamasqua Rude.

  2. Woman I can't find that Accesorize blush!! ARGH! Needs it :)

  3. I have been allll over cream blushes recently. And cream shadows. ANYTHING CREAM. Ahem. Soz for that.

    Have you checked eBay for the Almay blush?

  4. Ahh Pretty Pink. Still sad I broke mine, hope you have it near you! I love the Fyrinnae blushes, but my most used is an Ulta one that's really light so I can slap it on in the dark before work :P

  5. I love that Almay shade...peachy blushes ftw! ^^

  6. I love blushes and these look so gorgeous on you! :) you have a nice collection.

  7. All of them are lovely on you! Really need to try some Inglot cream blushes.

  8. These blushes all look wonderful on you! I don't know if I could choose just 5 favorite blushes... I am a bit of a blush fiend! I agree, that Almay one is exceptional. My heart dropped when I realized it's probably no longer available. Nooooo! I feel for you.

  9. they all look pretty, but I'm kind of weak when it comes to those light pink blushes, don't know why! so that suede from sleek, could really fit in my collection..../Azure

  10. The Accessorize blush looks so nice!

  11. I really like that Darling Girl one! You're right, the Almay colour is perfect on you. Some of my favourite blushes: Evil Shades Burlesque and Skon (and Backtalk, Twizted, Brazen, and Vixen for gothy in-your-face types of looks), Sobe Botanicals Nouveau, and perhaps MAC Coygirl.

  12. I don't really wear blush, but I might start doing so. Really love the look of Boardwalk!

  13. Y U So Pretty?
    I love all these blushes on you... I need to get more adventurous with mine and start wearing different shades ^-^


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