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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 2

Todays Fyrinnae look is green, green, green!

Lid, crease, inner corner: Blue Footed Booby
Liner and Lower Lashline: Madame and Eve
Outer lid: Dressed To Kill

MUA Blush shade 3

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Devil Horns

Not the best pictures of this look, but what I like best about it - apart from being green! - is it demonstrates the range of Fyrinnae shadows. Blue Footed Booby is a lovely satiny finish (I *adore* Fyrinnae's satin-y shadows!), Dressed to Kill is super sparkly and Madame and Eve is part of their Arcane Magic line, which are super complex colours that pull differently depending on the light source.

Day 3 tomorrow!


  1. LOVE this look! I always have trouble with greens, but this is gorgeous!

  2. Love this look on you, you can rock a green look!
    I love Fyrinnae and have been meaning to try their acrane magic shadows, which are your faves?

  3. Dressed to Kill is one of my faves. Blue Footed Booby looks really nice too. :)

  4. Ought to wear my Dressed to Kill :) Greens look fab on you !

  5. Beautiful look! The name "Blue Footed Booby" has always cracked me up for some reason!

  6. I liiiike!! :D I also wanted a sammich for some reason. :o

  7. Very pretty, and I love that lip lustre on you! They must bring back the lip lustres!!!!!!

  8. @Jen W: Thanks hon! I think a lot of people have trouble with greens, such a shame!

    @Laura: I don't have that many Arcane Magic... er, Feline Familiars, Madame and Eves, Leopard Print Galaxy and Electric Stardust and I think that's it. They're all awesome though, Feline Familiars is a grrrrrrreat liner shade!

    @Sepia Raven: I love DTK sooo much, it's just the perfect colour AND super glittery!

    @Martian Delight: YES, you should!

    @The Peach: Omg, me too, I know it's just a bird and not actual boobies, but let's face it, the bird itself is hilarious! Srsly, YT it doing it's mating-ritual dance thingy!

    @Skulda: I ALWAYS want a sammich!

    @Vulcan Butterfly: I know, right! And they need to bring back some of the purple shades they have! Devil Horns is one of my favourite lippies ever.

  9. Thanks a million :) I was actually on the fyrinnae website today but they werent showing any of the products! :/ I really want to try them out! x

  10. This is really pretty! I need to get Madame and Eve!


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