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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 5

Busy day and I just needed some simple make-up to slap on and look pretty! I quite often use Rapunzel Had Extensions with a sweep of black liner when I'm in a rush:

Lid/Lower Lashline: Rapunzel Had Extensions
Crease: Electro Koi

(No face today because I took the pics before I brushed my hair! Ha ha! I was just wearing balm and a light peach blush and that was it.)

Rapunzel Had Extensions is so bloody gorgeous, it's stupid. It's a lovely pink with a strong gold duo-chrome. I've heard that on darker skintones the pink doesn't show up, but on me I do get the full duo effect. I love how it brings out the blue in my eyes - I don't feel a lot of shadows do that. Definitely a Fyrinnae must have. Electro Koi is the exact orange of koi fish with lovely gold sparkles - I've been meaning to pair it with Fire Opal and haven't got round to it.

Thanks for all your comments on this series so far - tomorrow I have more time so think I might use Dinosaur Plushie, hooray!


  1. Rapunzel Had Extensions is my favorite Fyrinnae shadow yet. I love how it looks brilliant pink in the jar but comes out looking like a shimmery pink lemonade on my lids. It looks great on you!

  2. that rapunzel colour looks so pretty! Want! x

  3. So beautiful! This shadow is definitely now on my need list! x

  4. This is GORGEOUS!
    I have never been interested in Rapunzel had extentions before but its definitely on my "to buy" list now!!

  5. This is really gorgeous! I need to get Rapunzel already...

  6. Totally stealing this look, it's brilliant! :)


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