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Friday, 25 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 4

Do you guys have shadows that you ADORE but just never seem to get round to wearing? Me too, hence this look:

Lid/Lower Lashline: Tapir
Crease/Inner Corner: Calavera Cupcakes

MMMMMM, Tapir! I saw a swatch of this on Ana's blog and went and bought it. It's such a gorgeous, deep aubergine-y colour and I think it'd be a really versatile addition to anyone's stash. Calavera Cupcakes is a great example of the complexity that Fyrinnae's shadows offer - it's a kind of lilac-y grey-y colour with pink/ purple/silver reflects that blends down to an almost pewter shade. Normally I wouldn't put such a sparkly colour in the inner corner with such a deep matte shade, but Phyrra used Calavera Cupcakes in her post the other day, and I had these two colours ready to use together... so yeah, that's what happened! Gotta give a whirl, eh?

Day 5 tomorrrrroooow!


  1. Tapir is gorgeous! I'm always drawn to those aubergine colours!

  2. This looks exactly like what I expected Nars Melusine duo to be, excepted that the Fyrinnae shades have incredible payoff and look better!

  3. This combination looks *beautiful* on your eyes!!! I, too, have many shadows that I just adore, but dont get around to using. Great post! Love your blog!!!

  4. Tapir is gorgeous! It looks great with the sparkly silver/pewter colour, very pretty :) xxx

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Tapir is a freakin' excellent colour, it makes your eyecolour look really neat!

  7. Tapir is awesome! Loving it, these days are really making me want to put in another Fyrinnae order.


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