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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: One more for the road

Thought I'd do one more Fyrinnae look! Ha ha! It might end up another one, as the beautiful Martian Delights asked to see Fire Opal and I think it would be rude not to ;)

Yesterday I thought that Digital Faerie and Electric Stardust would look great together, and as it just so happens, I was right!

Frizzy hair, squinty sleepy eyes, no lippy and my awesome (!) work shirt. Best beauty blogger ever, amiright?!

Lid/Lower Lashline: Digital Faerie
Crease/Inner Corner: Electric Stardust
Liner: MUA green glitter liner over Collection2000 Fast Strokes in Black.

Darling Girl Fuji

Errr.... naked here, but I wore Darling Girl Liquid Kisses in Delight later on in the day.

I've said all I have to say about Digital Faerie, it's great, buy it, etc.

Coming up... probably more Fyrinnae, a Paddy's Day look I need to get off my computer, and some Evil Shades lip swatches!


  1. This is really pretty and I love that liner! It totally looks green!

  2. Pretty! I love those colours together. x

  3. Nice combo! I agree with Kimberly - that liner is great.

  4. Love those colours together! Really pretty! :) x

  5. This is insanely gorgeous. I have a hard time working with loose shadows but this inspires me for sure. This is a great look for spring and summer.

  6. How pretty are your eyes! :) I love the colors together! It looks dazzling!

  7. you're so good at sparkly eyes, keep it up! i've been enjoying your posts a lot lately.

  8. you look like a mermaid!
    I would like to see how you pair fireopal, as I love it but doesn't wear it much...
    ps: I can't see the lid color etc.., it's blank!

  9. Your hair looks lovely in the pic! So shiny and healthy looking! X

  10. Muahaha I think you forgot to enter the names of the shadows in your explanation. ;D
    I LOVE Fire Opal. I love how it looks like copper in the jar but when you put it on it becomes a more wearable colour. I think I'll wear it tomorrow. <.<

  11. Totally in love with this look! You have gorgeous eyes, by the way!

    Fierce Nerditude

  12. I LOVE the blue eyeshadow with your red hair, the contrast is so striking!

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  14. @Kimberly: I'm really impressed with MUA glitter liners. For £1, they rock!

    @VampiressDoll: The green reflect in DF is very similar to ES, so they work really beautifully.

    @Megan: Aw, thanks hon. Gotta love green glitter!

    @Rainy Days: awww, you maeks meh blush :D

    @prettybottles: Aw, thanks man! :D

    @MlleK: HA, that is the best compliment anyone could give me! #bigkid

    @Charlotte: Thankyou hon!

    @MartianDelights: Thanks babe, Idk how I'm going to stop using Fyrinnae tomorrow!

    @dazzlelight91: I don't know about healthy, but the dye I use does keep it shiny for a long time! Thankyou!

    @Skulda: D'oh, yeah I totally did. DERP. You should post it if you do wear it!

    @VijiiS: Thankyou hon! Following your blog now!

    @Vulcan Butterfly: I like it too! I'm very pleased I can get away with blues more now, when I was blonde I looked a bit silly.

    @uhooi: Thankyou!
    @GemX: Thanks doll!

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: I'm just used to loose e/s - and of course, Pixie Epoxy really helps!


  15. Good googly moogly I love this look 8) I don't have the colors but I'm going to try and recreate it using similar ones.

  16. This liner is such a lovely colour!
    Also your hair is such an amazing shade of red :).


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