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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The power of suggestion....

A few days ago, I reverted to my favourite 'emergency' colour combination of purple and green:

Lid: Hi-Fi Cosmetics Another Day, Another Drama
Crease: Evil Shades Zombie
Lower Lashline: Living Dead Grrl That's A Fact!
Inner Corner: Evil Shades Wyvern

I THINK it was MUA Shade 2.

Gosh Light N' Shine Lipglaze in no5

Nice colours, and I haven't used Zombie or ADAD in an age, but I've done green and purple a lot lately. So I asked on my blog for a couple more suggestions. Pixie_a_la_mode suggested yellow and gunmetal:

Lid: Barry M Dazzle Dust in Yellow
Crease/Lower Lashline: Sleek 'Gunmetal' from Bad Girl Palette

In my head, I envisioned this as more of a soft cut crease with the yellow extending further up toward my browbone, but I got halfway through this look and remembered that Barry M Yellow is horrible. It's just... the glitter particles in it make it look nasty. I should have done this with a matte yellow, and perhaps something like Evil Shades Double Barrell, as I thought Gunmetal leaned a little blue. You live and learn, I'll be returning to this combo soon.

Beauty's Bad Habit suggested pink, brown and cream, which I thought sounded pretty!

Lid: Maybelline Monowear shadow in Sand
Crease: Combination of pinks from the Sleek Good Girl Palette (can't remember which ones, all the top row though!)
Outer V: matte brown from Sleek Bohemian
Lower Lashline: MUA Intense Colour liner in Malt Chocolate
Waterline: Nyx JEP in Milk, white from Sleek Circus

MUA Blusher Shade 1
Accessorize Baked blusher in Pretty Pink

Lips: MUA lipgloss tube, shade 2

I loved this combo, particularly as it gave an excuse to use the Good Girl palette! I think I should have used a warmer brown as this one looked a bit purple once blended with the pink, but hey. The colour placement was inspired by the lovely SilhouetteScreams, of course.

It's soooo nice to have people on hand to help you choose colours! Feel free to bung more suggestions in my direction.

Upcoming posts, I'll have some swatches and looks of the the Paraguaya palette from the Sleek Avior La Peche collection, a review and swatches of High Voltage Lip Whips and some fun with a Wet n' Wild Stars N' Rockets dupe! Oh, and some pics of stuff I've done for photo shoots if anyone is interested? *shy* Oh, and please take a lil vote on the poll on the left, if you would!

Robyn xxx


  1. Nice colour combinations, love the yellow and gunmetal.

  2. Oohh great colour combinations! I especially like the green and purple and yellow and gunmetal! I think a cool colour combo would be a neutral eye with a pop of super bright orange!!! For example, a brown colour, a nude colour, and then an in your face orange colour! I have been wanting to try this on myself but I am at work too much and this type of "interesting" makeup is not allowed!!!

  3. I really like the yellow and gunmetal look even though you say the BM shade ain't great! Oh do show your photoshoot pics! I stumbled across a post about Paraguaya tonight funnily enough, I'm losing my touch as I normally pounce on new Sleek items. I think the staff at Westfield Superdrug are scared of me! I think I'll get it as all those oranges can only do good things for my blue eyes, but may clash with my hair...hmmm. Looking forward to your looks from it!

  4. I love them all but the yellow and grey is my favourite, I actually really like that Barry M yellow!

  5. Gotta agree with everyone else, I LOVE the yellow and gunmetal. I just ordered a bright yellow shadow too...I'm so eager for it to get here now! :D

  6. All beautiful! I'm glad I'm not the only one who wears purple and green as a standard look!

  7. The purple lid is gorgeous! The 3rd look is pretty too.

  8. Love them all but the purple and green one is amazing. Very Katy Perry at the Grammy's. Love it.

  9. Red and orange! :)

    I love the bottom one! I think the slightly purple brown works well with it! The yellow and gunmetal is hawt too.

  10. wow, i'm loving all the looks - they look great :)

    yellow and gunmetal has got to be my fave


  11. I've always admired purple % green colour combos on other people's blogs & make up looks .. bu still, haven't ever tried it on myself! I definitely should. I love that combo :D x

  12. Oooo, I'm very interested in images of the photoshoots. I'm curious now. :-)


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