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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 7

Sob, it's the last day of Fyrinnae week today! And I didn't even get to do anything really exciting for my last look. I had an interview (which went really well, thanks everyone who wished me luck! I have a second interview on Thursday) so I had to be a little conservative. Boo.

Lid/Lower Lashline: Feline Familiars (Arcane Magic)
Inner Corner: Nijiro

If I look a bit shiny, greasy and/or careworn in these pictures it's because I was.

Nijiro is a lovely ivory colour with rainbow sparkles - it's a favourite highlighter in the indie makeup community, and though I normally prefer a matte highlight, I thought it deserved a look in this week. Feline Familiars is part of Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic line. These shadows are really complex and pull differently depending on different light sources/angles. They are not colour-changing shadows in the sense that heat or light changes them, however - I think some people expect a really dramatic shift. Feline Familiars is described on the website as a 'versatile, shimmery rich "chocolate" shade.' I do see a little chocolate in there, although mostly to me it looks like a purple-leaning burgundy with taupey undertones. So hard to describe, but so pretty, and certainly very versatile.

Anyway, while Fyrinnae week is over (what fun it was!), I didn't use a lot of my shadows, so I thought I'd bung a list here for you, and if you want me to try some more combos, let me know. I'm crap at putting colours together:

My Babies:

-Sugar Skulls
-Calavera Cupcakes
-Danse Macabre
-Madame and Eve's (AM)
-Dinosaur Plushie
-Electro Koi
-Polar Bear
-Blue Footed Booby
-Moon Child
-Damn Paladins
-Selkie Skin
-Rapunzel Had Extensions
-Crimson Ghost
-Digital Faerie
-Dressed To Kill
-Leopard Print Galaxy (AM)
-Strip Poker
-Electric Stardust (AM)
-Bite Me
-Feline Familars
-Fire Opal

Fire Opal and Electro Koi need to make friends, I think as do Electric Stardust and Digital Faerie!

Thanks for all your lovely comments over this series, dudes!


  1. Feline Familiars is soooo pretty! I really need to show my Fyrinnae stash more love - and I keep saying that, but I need to make it happen, and this time I will. Thanks for inspiring me! And thanks for posting the gorgeous looks!

  2. Love it! I only have a few Fryinnae...I NEED MORE!

  3. It might have been conservative, but it is GORGEOUS! Your Fyrinnae week might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't plan for a Part 2!

  4. This fyrinnae week was so beautiful, I loved all the looks you did!

  5. Oooh I'd love to see what Fire Opal is like, I love the jewels, so I bet the eyeshadow is really nice too ! Thanks for this week of Fyrinnae , wishing you the best with the interviews x

  6. I agree with Skulda. You couldn't have chosen a better color for "conservative" than Feline Familiars cause there is so much happening with this shadow.

  7. @Catflicks: Isn't it? It's such a lovely shade!

    @kathyeffingjacobs: I bet FF looks haaaawt on you!

    @Megan: Me too! You should post some MU, you know!

    @Skulda: Part two, part schmoo, I'm always giving Fyrinnae a wee bit o' love!

    @MlleK: Thankyou so much!

    @Martian Delight: I love Fire Opals too! And thankyou hon x

    @Marcey: I know, right? Interesting enough for us makeup geeks, and not crazy enough that people will think, 'Oh god, I bet she thinks she's a wizard, no way am I hiring her!'


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