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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

That pinky, purply, kinda duo-chromey blue-y one...

When I first got into the online makeup community, I spent many a YouTube watching session lusting over MAC Stars N' Rockets without realising there are a billion dupes for it out there. Not owning Stars N' Rockets personally, I don't have the authoritah to tell you which is the best dupe for it, but I have a few colours in my collection with a similar effect:

Top row: Over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Bottom row: Over NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean
L-R: 'Eyelid' colour from Wet N Wild I'm Feelin' Retro trio, Makeup Academy Shade 9, Living Dead Grrrl Derby Wife, Evil Shades Suffocation.

Other dupes/similar shades include Urban Decay Fishnet, Venomous Cosmetics Sea Urchin, Milani Shock, and about 10,000 others.

Of the shades I own, my favourite has to be the Wet N' Wild (Thanks Wendy!) as it's not too purple, not too pink. My favourite way to wear this shade is by applying it over a black base when you've left your crease unprepped, like-a so:

Simple, quick, and purple!

It's also a lovely soft colour applied alone on the lid:

Here I've used the browbone colour from the I'm Feelin' Retro trio on the, er, brow bone, with the crease colour on the lower lashline and blue mascara!

It's great added sparingly to a look...

Here I'm Living Dead Grrrl Lullaby on the lid, with Fyrinnae Strip Poker in the crease and the Stars N' Rockets dupe pressed onto the middle of the lid.

And of course, I love it with greens!

Living Dead Grrl Derby Wife on the lid, MUA Shade 9 in the crease and with LDG Robot Club in the crease and Fyrinnae Madame and Eve to line.

If you need more ideas, Temptalia has a post with 8 ways to wear Stars N' Rockets here - I love the idea of wearing this type of shade with green and gold! Beauty's Bad Habit also has some fabulous looks with this shade here and here.

Do you have a favourite 'community favourite' - one of those shades everyone has in some shape or form?


  1. Love these kind of colours, I think I have about 5 of them :S

  2. *squeee* That first look is AWESOME!

  3. OH and DUH! I have Stars and Rockets, but NYX Luxor is so super close to it that you don't really need both. I bought S&R though because my baby son smashed Luxor into pieces. And I am glad I did.

  4. You've given me some looks to try out. Thanks!

  5. Omg these looks r amazing! And yes I got ur stuff..I thought I sent u an email last week thanking u for the extra mua stuff but I guess I got it even did a post with a lotd with the stuff.

    Thank u so much and I'm sorry that email never reached u

  6. Wow, all those lovely looks! I love the first one over black :) x

  7. They are all very good dupes for Stars n' Rockets. I have it in my palette but always forget to use it. I love Duo-chromes. Have you tried MAC's 'Club'? Thats my all time favourite.

    If you haven't already, please check out my new 'Dare to Wear for Charity' post. $10/person who does a makeup look will go to the people of Japan:


  8. I absolutely love that first look! May have to copy it one day soon :D

  9. Hmmmm....guess I'm not familiar with Stars n Rockets! What rock have I been living under! But I do have and love Evil Shades Suffocation. Guess I have a close dupe of it! Very pretty looks! Love the first one!

  10. When I swatched the I'm Feelin' Retro trio from WnW I thought that it could be a dupe for Stars N' Rockets also!

    I've just swatched both on my fingers and they are very close dupes but I would say I'm Feeling Retro has a nicer more intense purple duo-chrome plus it feels less chalky than Stars N' Rockets. I'm liking the I'm Feelin' Retro a tad bit more than Stars N' Rockets! xx

  11. I love how you used the shades! I have StarsnRockets and rarely use it except over black eyeliner! I would say by looking that the WNW color is probably the closest, but that may not be super accurate.

  12. @SepiaRaven: Yeah you really need more than one!

    @Makeup Zombie: Thanks man! It was super easy too so I liked it :D I've never even swatched S&R but if I couldn't get a dupe I would fork out for it, I know I'd use it!

    @Kimberly: Post them if you doooo!

    @Jess: Yea, I've seen it now! D'oh!

    @Gemx: Me too! I want to try it the other way round though, and put a black cream liner on the crease and then the shadow.

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: I don't have MAC club but I have a couple of dupes, it's so awesome! I love using it with a brown/orange smokey eye or using it like in the first look I posted here.

    @Darling Girl: Do it, do it!

    @The Peach: I love Suffocation too, it's so nice how soft it is, yet it has the duo-chromey fun-ness! The gloss is nice too!

    @VainGlorySinner: oooh, good to know! Thanks hon! I'm somehow always proud, almost, when I know I've got a dupe for so much less! I'm such a skintflint!

    @Cydonian said: Accurate, smaccurate. It's more the effect that I like, anyway.

  13. Ah what a lovely thing a purple/pink duochrome is! I love all of your different ways to wear it!


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