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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 1

So you guys voted, and my wear-one-thing-for-a-week thing is going to be fabulous Fyrinnae eyeshadows! Unfortunately I don't have enough lip/cheek products to do an all-Fyrinnae face every day, and I expect I'll be using some non-Fyrinnae when I need a matte brow highlight... but yes - expect lots of Fyrinnae love from me!

For those of you who don't know - although I presume you mostly all do - Fyrinnae make a multitude of fantastically complex and gorgeous eyeshadows (small jars cost only $2!) the famous Pixie Epoxy (like a 'glue' for loose e/s) as well as great lip, cheek and finishing products. If you've never ordered, go and check them out. Even if you're not a colour girl, their neutrals are beeeeeautiful.

Anyway, my first look:

Inner half of lid: Moonchild
Outer half of lid/crease: Polar Bear
Mixed lightly into outer crease: STFU
Liner: STFU
Lower lashline: (over MUA Intense Colour Liner in Turquoise) Digital Faerie

Sleek Pan Tao

Primark Well Licked gloss in Sorbet

This look used three of my favourite Fyrinnae shades. I'd really struggle to pick a top five/ten/twenty (!) eyeshadows, but Polar Bear would certainly be in it. It is such a stunning light gold that's not too yellow or too sparkly - I couldn't live without it and use it all the time. Moonchild is a gorgeous shimmery ivory with peachy/pinky undertones. I have used it as a highlighter, but mostly I use it on the lid because it's too pretty to use as a wash - gotta slap it on thick ;) Lastly, Digital Faerie.... oh, lord, Digital Faerie! Ker-azy bright blue-green duochrome-y awesomeness. Even if you're a neutrals girl, this would make a fantastic liner!

Stay tuned for Day 2!


  1. Polar Bear looks soo nice on you. I like it a lot but I don't think it suits me that much.

  2. Oh, that looks so pretty on you.

  3. I've got Polar Bear on order, as well as Montalivet (and about half a dozen other colors.) I had looked at Moon child, and decided against it because I already have so many pinks :D

  4. I think that there's some stuff going on with Fyrinnae right now, I tried to order some stuff a few days ago and there store was closed, and today it's back up, but no way to look at anything or buy anything. Hopefully it's back soon I love their stuff, it's amazing!

  5. I am SO copying this look! You look fabulous!

  6. Gorgeous look! I can't wait to see the other looks you come up with!

  7. I love Polar Bear and MoonChild... actually I was wearing moonchild today too !

  8. @SepiaRaven: Oh, that's a shame. Maybe make a gloss out of it or something?

    @DG: Aw, thanks doll!

    @purplestar: Fyrinnae currently only have 1 person filling orders, etc, and normally they only have 2, so when they get busy, they close the store down. It's a bit of a pain in the butt, but I guess it keep their costs down and means you don't have to wait for months for your order to get to you. The front page will sometimes say 'Fyrinnae will return soon,' but if you can't put stuff in your cart or there are no options to put stuff in your cart, that's why.

    @MusingOnBeauty: Oh, wow, I would love to see it if you do!

    @Kimberly: Lol, me either! I was staring at my colours today and feeling sad not all of them will get to play!

    @Martian Delights: I saw MoonChild on BBH and I was so anxious to actually get it!

  9. I love this. So pretty and wearable. I think the blush is PERFECT! It looks so good on you and really completes the look.

  10. oOo prettyprettypretty!!! Polar Bear is awesome!

  11. So pretty! Love these colors together! And who doesn't love Fyrinnae!?

  12. Moon Child and Polar Bear are great together.

  13. I go away for two days and you do two awesome looks! (referring to day 2 as well haha), I love the sparkly blue underneath, gorgeous!

  14. DROOOOOOOOOOOOL..........I love the gold and white and blue colour combination goodness! And Pan Tao looks f***ing fabulous, orange-y blush is so hot for spring!
    Also, I have looked through your older posts and I am jealous of your nail skills. I also love your idea of basing eyeshadow looks on album covers! What a fantastic idea!
    One more thing: every time I read a comment that you wrote on someone else's blog, I nearly piss myself laughing. That it all.

  15. @Pixie: Aw, thanks hon! The blush is kinda orangey, which is sooo nice, it's bright enough that its unusual, but not so bright you look like a clown!

    @KittenMittens: Yea, I spilled loads of it over my train case, I really need to buy a full size of it!

    @ThePeach: I love Fyrinnae... I've been wishing I had so many more of their colours while I've been doing this series!

    @Phyrra: I think Polar Bear goes well with everything!!!

    @Cydonian: Aw, thanks dude. I really like Digital Faerie but I don't think I've ever used it as a lid colour!

    @Vulcan Butterfly: I need to do more nail art, I've got so lazy with it! I'd also like to re-do the album series as well, I wasn't happy with it. x

  16. This is so pretty Robyn! I love the pop of color you did with Digital Faerie :D Polar Bear looks really pretty.


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