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Thursday, 3 June 2010

3 looks... and a plea for help!

So I haven't put up any looks for a while and I'm sure you're all missing my messy hair and gorgeous work shirt. So...

...Today I FINALLY got my MAC 3d Silver glitter which I've been gagging for. Stupid Bank Holiday. Obviously I had to make a little look with it:

I can't get a good pic of how gorgeous this glitter is! I love it! Anyway, I used Barry M Dazzle Dusts and MUA no 9 shadow, with the glitter pressed on over NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean - I need to get some Pixie Epoxy! My lips are Gaga and some random ELF gloss and the blush is the pink half of a Primark dupe of Benefit 10 - which I'll compare soon. (No big list of products because I'm posting 4 looks!) Anyway, I don't toot my own horn much but I look pretty darn good today :P

And here is where I need your help. A few days ago I did this look:

I was feeling a bit gothic that day! Since I got my 219, making different eye shapes has been a lot easier for me, I have always struggled with it, and I'm getting there now. Anyway... this looks was DOOMED. All the red migrated onto the white. Is there any way I can prevent this happening? I used my normal bases of UDPP and NYX Milk... I guess the red is just too pigmented? I blended and reblended as much as I could because I suspected this would happen... The red is from Sleek Sunset palette and can be a little soft and crumbly. Also, you can see where the white shadow is on the base of my lashes. I have problems coating my lashes at the base on the upper side and my lashes are reeeeeally light... does anyone else have this problem? How do you get around it?

And my last look:

This was the day after the previous look, ha ha! I always do a neutral look after a heavy look and it normally has a pop of blue in it... normally one of two from my 120 palette... and this is basically what happened. I used my MAC 224 to blend on my upper lid, as I was having problems with it before using bright colours and thought that maybe it would work for neutrals. I used my matte neutrals from various sleek palettes and a gold from 120... and it worked pretty well! Still not in love with it, but getting there.

And also, I LOVE my MAC 187 for foundation! I was using my e.l.f powder brush to stipple my Revlon Colourstay on for a couple weeks before I got this brush and I muuuuch prefer this brush! The e.l.f one gave maaaaaajah coverage which is great, but the finish from this brush is so much nicer, yet still gives me the nice coverage that I love from my Revlon. Also the Revlon sets pretty fast, and this brush allows me to smoosh it around much better. And it makes a swishy sounds :)

Love and kisses,



  1. I use a metal eyelash comb to take out any fallout before I apply mascara, seems to to work! I quite like the read and white! x

  2. I especially love the first look...glitter!

  3. I love your second look! The red and white is awesome!

  4. I love your purple look, it's so pretty with your blue eyes :)

  5. Lucky you and your 3D glitter... lovely looks :)

  6. I'm jealous of the glitter!! :-P

  7. ... I never thought of just combing it out! Duh!

    Maybe I'll put a sample when I finally do a giveaway... or maybe not >:D

  8. Re: red migrating - I get that with quite a few shadows, especially the bright Sleek ones, and I find if I use a slightly sticky base under it, e.g. a cheapo cream eyeshadow that never really dries, it holds it in place.

  9. Yeah, I normally use NYX Jumbo and it holds stuff well... I guess its just the bright colour.

  10. Did you set Milk with a white eyeshadow or a translucent powder? That helps stop migrating.


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