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Friday, 18 June 2010

Evil Shades Swatches and Initial Review


I FINALLY heard the satisfying plop of a package from Evil Shades Cosmetics on my doormat this morning. And then my bastard best friend and arsehole sister came round and I couldn't play with my new goodies (Just kidding guys, I love you ^^)

I had to restrain myself as I wasn't that rich that week, and I was only placing an order because Fyrinnae's website wasn't working. Which, now I have my ES order, makes me feel very disloyal! Because I am in love. Full on, dirty sex but I'll make you breakfast too love.

I got the $14 set option (on sale, I think its normally either $16 or $18, can't remember) which gets you three full size eyeshadows, two Wicked Gloss and one Deviant Lipstick. I also ordered the fifteen samples for $10 and got another Deviant Lipstick sample chucked in for free ^^

Be warned - my colour descriptions suck. Go to the ES site or read Phyrras descriptions!

These are the full sized shadows. Zombie is a beautiful brownish-wine colour with gold and green shimmer/glitter in. It looks more purple here than in real life. It was everything I wanted it to be and I suspect its going to be a staple crease colour for me - screw you, brown. Devils Bonfire is a deep black totally crammed with holographic-y glitter in. This is super pigmented - its BLACK - made a total mess when I was swatching! Serpahic is a beautiful soft peach with golden shimmer. I can't wait to pair it with some blues and greens.

With Zombie and Devils Bonfire, a little shadow go caught in the threading of the jar, so when I opened it, I got shadow on my hands. Its not a great amount, just a minor annoyance, probably shipping related.

Most of these colours look washed out or more pastel than they do in real life - my light was fading and thus my swatches do no justice. These are the only shades out of my samples that I have swatched. Nola is - omg, its aristocracy in eyeshadow form. I had to change my underwear. Its a beautiful dusky purple with gold glitters. Heartless Queen was the only sample I asked for and I will be purchasing a full size. I only have a couple other reds and this craps on them from a height. I think the shimmer in it is gold, but its not an obvious contrast like in Nola, for example. Its all about the red. Wistful is just beautiful - its the colour of chinchilla fur! Glooming is a black base with gooorgeous turquoisey glitter in. Whooo Are U is what I'm going to call a light acid green, and Reondite is an amazing aqua with PINK shimmer.

So yea, I want to do bad things to these eyeshadows and they haven't even touched my face yet. They were all smooth to swatch and all pigmented.

Guilty as Sin Wicked Gloss. A medium-ish fuschia with pink glitter. Fairly sheer when compared to the pot, but still a nice colour on the lips. Smells slightly cherry-ish, feels smooth and moisturizing on the lips. Doesn't taste that nice, but I don't care. Going to look amazing over bright pink lippies!

Suffocation. A duo-chromeish lilac with blue reflect. This is my favourite out of the two as I think it looks more interesting on bare lips. Suffocation is also an eyeshadow with the same effect. Smells more candy-ish than Guilty As Sin, but feels just as nice. Word of warning - these feel most similar to Vaseline. I personally like that texture, and while they're not as greasy as Vaseline, they are a little 'slippy.' I wore them while nibbling things in front of the telly tonight and they did as well as most other glosses though.

Corruption Deviant Lipstick (and underneath Corruption with Suffocation over the top.) A slightly browned aubergine with blue shimmer. Now, I forgot to state which lippy I wanted on my order and was dissapointed I got this one - my own fault, I know! It is beautiful but I don't think I can wear it! But I will find a way - the blue shimmer is to die for though of course, I couldn't capture it.. It comes in a black chap-stick like tube and felt at first quite dry and hard to apply. But I just re-swatched it on my hand to check the colour again and it went on a lot more smoothly. I just reapplied it and it feels much more moisturizing on the lips, so I guess the top layer had a 'casing' on it. I'm going to try this as a base under other lippies and also see if I can pull it off with a neutral eye?!

I also got a sample of Bane, which is similar to Suffocation but more fuschia as opposed to lilac/lavender. I had a swatch of this and I don't know where its gone on my computer :| The lipsticks aren't that opaque - but I think that of all the swatches I've seen of these lippies, Bane is the most sheer of the range and Corruption the least pigmented, and I still really like them so would love to try others.

Boring stuff:

-Glosses and eyeshadow in 5g (I think) clear jars, black lids, label on bottom telling you the company and colour name. 1/4 tsp samples in baggies with same label, lipstick samples in baggies with label. Lipsticks in black chap-stick tubes with label.
-Ordered my goodies on the 6th of June and received them on the 18th of June - not bad for USA to UK!
-Free sample with my order
-Some shades are vegan, some are not. I believe some are mineral, some are not. This is indicated on the site though not everything has a full ingredients list.
-Came in a cute chicken bag with some business cards which I thought was a nice touch.
-No invoice to save the trees :)
-Prices are really good. $0.85 for a sample of gloss or eyeshadow, $10 for 15 samples, $16 for a large and $9 for a mini gift set, $3.50 for a single gloss or shadow, $5 for a blush, with lipsticks being $4.75 each and $1.00 for a sample. Really reasonable imo, and international shipping was reasonable too.

All in all... I want to go find Andrea (who owns the company) and lick her face and buy her cookies. My first foray into indie make-up has got me totally sold.

Sorry for the overly gushing review! Looks soon.



  1. Thx for the swatchs ;)

  2. Wow. Some amazing colours!! My favourites are Heartless Queen, Nola and Reondite... Thanks for the swatches! :D Looking forward to see the looks you come up with these colours! ;)

  3. Thanks for the review. I have been stalking the Evil Shades website. Maybe I'll have to place an order tonight!

  4. omg...your review made me laugh sooo hard! I love how much you're loving your new stuff :) I'm going to have to head over there and check things out for myself.

  5. I looooove Evil Shades! Great swatches, it looks like I need Nola! I'll be placing an order soon.

  6. OMG. I want Heartless Queen and Suffocation!! AHHH!!

  7. OK but if you lick my face I want dinner first...then cookies!

    P.S. email me with a lippie shade you want and I'll send it out. I was having email issues and couldn't get through to ask you which you wanted.


  8. omg, <3 Heartless Queen and Nola... must get.
    You need to do your gothy looooook :)
    Haha, the bit about breakfast in the morning made me lol for real as it reminded me of a convo with a girlfriend of mine. She got with some guy, I asked her the obligatory how was it, to which she responded "I made him pancakes the next morning, what do you think?" LOL.

  9. Woo! Can't wait to see you wearing those eyeshadows! I'm SO tempted to do some buying myself now. (must... resist... cash sink)

  10. Thanks everyone, I'll do a nice gothy look soon okay :)

  11. Lol, i really enjoyed this review! Thanks, Andrea is lovely :D

  12. Woo I love Evil Shades :D Nola looks gorgeous in your swatch! I have Zombie and Heartless Queen <3

    I really need to sit down and actually put together a look with them, I always molest my shades at home and think 'ooooh pretty' but they've not really made their way onto my blawg yet!

  13. I haven't tried Evil shades yet but have been wanting to so bad. Thanks for the swatches!


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